Vocabulary Workshop Level H, Unit 9

20 terms by victorianieves

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a state of perfect happiness or blessedness; a blessing.

bete noire

someone or something that one especially dislikes, dreads, or avoids.


to be an omen of; to indicate by signs.


unpleasantly damp or wet.


worldwide or universal in influence or application.


burning with enthusiasm or zeal; extremely heated.


having an unpleasant or offensive odor.


immense size, volume, or capacity; enormous.


the period of greatest power, vigor, success, or influence; the prime years.


a demon or evil spirit supposed to haunt human beings in their bedrooms at night; anything that oppresses or weighs upon one, like a nightmare.


a basic foundation or framework; a system of public works; the resources and facilities required for an activity; permanent military.


to entice, lure, or snare by flattery or artful inducements; to obtain or acquire by artifice.


the acclaim, prestige, or renown that comes as a result of some action or achievement.


an extra or unexpected gift or gratuity


long winded and wordy; tending to speak or write in such a way.


someone whose welfare, training, or career is under the patronage of an influential person; someone under the juridiction of a foreign country or government.


an original pattern or model; a primitive or ancestral form.


someone who attempts to win favors or advance him- or herself by flattery or servile behavior.


needless repetition of an idea by using different but equivalent words; a redundancy.


to yield or submit tamely or submissively

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