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establish the Catholic church

native-born americans feared that catholic immigrants to the US would ____________ at the expense of Protestantism


the american phase of the industrial revolution first blossomed with...

general lengthening of the workday

the american work force in the early 19th century was characterized by __________ from 10 to 14 hrs

lancaster turnpike

in the 1790's a major transportation project linking the east to the trans-allegheny west was the...

ralph waldo emerson

"I think we must get rid of slavery or we must get rid of freedom"

large plantations

by the mid 19th century, most slaves lived on...

couldn't stomach the tactics of Andrew Jackson

John Tyler joined the Whig party because he...

John Tyler's veto of the BUS

After this event, he was expelled from the Whig party, all but one member of his cabinet resigned, an attempt was made in the HR to impeach him, he was also vetoed a Whig-sponsored tariff

free slaves in Texas

Some people in Britain hoped for a British alliance with Texas because the alliance would give abolitionists the opportunity to....

American missionaries to the Indian

The primary group that was instrumental in strengthening and saving American claims to Oregon were...

49 degrees

In the Oregon treaty with Britain in 1846, the northern boundary of the US was established to the Pacific along the line of ...

the burning issue of slavery

The Wilmont Proviso symbolized...

Mexican Cession

The largest single addition to American territory was...


The first Old World europeans to come to Cali were...


the debate over slavery in the Mexican Cession threatened to split _________ along North-South lines

gold in CA

The event that brought turmoil to the administration of Zachary Taylor was the discovery of....

relatively well off

By 1850, the South was ___________, politically and economically

fugitive-slave law

In light of future evidence, it seems apparent that in the Compromise of 1850, the South made a tactical blunder by demanding a .....


The fatal split int he Whig party in 1852 occurred over...

Treaty of Wanghia

On July 3, 1844 the first formal diplomatic agreement between the US and China was the....

construct a transcontinental railroad

Most American leaders believed that the only way to keep the new Pacific Coast territories from breaking away from the US control was to...

popular sovereignty

Stephen Douglas proposed that the question of slavery in the KA-NB Territory be decided by...

free soilers

The Lecompton Constitution proposed that the state of KA be controlled by....

expel a member for bad conduct

The clash between Brooks and Sumner revealed that despite divisions over slavery, the HR would unite to....


John C. Fremont


Millard Fillmore


Martin Van Buren


Known for their anti-Catholic and anti-Foreign attitudes


In the ruling of the Dred Scott case, the USSC expected to lay to rest the issue of _______ in the territories

grain growers of the NW

The panic of 1857 hit hardest among....

Douglas defeated Lincoln for Senate

As a result of the Lincoln-Douglas debates....

slavery in the territories

Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 Republican nomination because he never took a stand on the issue of....

John Bell

The presidential candidate of the Constitutional Union party in 1860 was...

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