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STAAR Review 7 - Supreme Court Cases

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John Marshall
One of the most influential Supreme Court justices; he helped establish the idea of judicial review which made the Supreme Court the powerful institution that it is today.
Marbury vs. Madison (1803)
said that the Supreme Court had the power to review all laws made by Congress; established the idea of judicial review.
Worcester vs. Georgia
Cherokee Indians sued the Georgia State government for recognition of land claims and laws. The Supreme Court agreed that Georgia had no authority over teh Cherokee. (Jackson did not obey the Supreme Court ruling either.)
McCullough vs. Maryland (1819)
Court case that said a state could not tax a national bank thus increasing the power of the national government, Necessary and Proper clause (Elastic Clause)
Gibbons vs. Ogden (1824)
The Supreme Court upheld broad congressional power to regulate interstate commerce. The Court's broad interpretation of the Constitution's commerce clause paved the way for later rulings upholding expansive federal powers.
Dred Scott vs. Sanford (1857)
1857 Supreme court case ruled by Roger B. Taney; Scott sues for freedom after living with his master on free soil for 5 years; court decides that Scott has not right to a trial and that slaves are property so they can be taken legally into any territory, free or slave; calls missouri compromise unconstitutional because congress had no power to ban slavery from any territories; republicans and free soilers refuse to honor the decision, fear that slavery will spread anywhere
Supreme Court
the highest judicial court in a country or state.
National Bank
Created as part of Alexander Hamilton's financial plan for the young United States. There were 2. Both the first and second national banks are located in Philadelphia. Both were given 20 year charters and not renewed. Andrew Jackson ensured the death of the Second National Bank triggered a national economic depression known as the Panic of 1837.

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