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Wilson's fourteen points


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What were Wilson's fourteen points?
They were listed in a speech delivered by President Woodrow Wilson on January 8th 1918, explaining to Congress and the nation that WWI as being fought for a just cause. It also set the foundations for peace plans and was the basis for the German armistice
Point 1
International diplomacy will proceed without secrets
Point 2
Seas will be free to travel by all vessels unless to enforce international covenants
Point 3
All economic barriers will be removed and countries consenting to the peace will trade under equal conditions
Point 4
All weaponry in all countries will be reduced to a point to only maintain adequate national security
Point 5
All colonial claims will be dealt with impartial judgement that takes into account the wishes of both the concerned populations and the governments exercising sovereignty over them.
Point 6
All nations, militarily and politically will evacuate Russia and leave it to develop on its own.
Point 7
Belgium should be evacuated and left with the extent of sovereignty it enjoyed before the beginning of the war, lest international law be forever impaired.
Point 8
All French territory should be liberated and restored to France, and the wrong-doing by Prussias in Alsace-Lorraine in 1871 should be reversed.
Point 9
The borders of Italy will be re-aligned along clearly recognizable lines of nationality.
Point 10
The people of Austria-Hungary should be allowed to have autonomous development.
Point 11
The Balkan states should have self determination and guaranteed peace
Point 12
The Turkish people should be ruled by the Turkish government exclusively.
Point 13
A secure, independent Polish state should be created that has access to the sea and is protected by international covenants
Point 14
An association of nations should be created to preserve the independence of states.