AP Euro - Reformation.

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Ulrich Zwingli was responsible for the Protestant conversion of _______.

John Calvin

"All are not created on equal terms, but are preordained to eternal life, other to eternal damnation; and, accordingly, as each has been created for one or the other of these ends, we say that he has been predestined to life or death."
- this statement above reflects an essential view of who?

dancing and gambling

Calvinist laws prohibited _____ & ______.

Remission of sins

Martin Luther rejected financial payment for the ________ __ ____.


Martin Luther believed that _____ should manage the household economy.


The English Reformation was peculiar because the government broke with ____ when there was no religious dispute b/w king and pope.

faith alone

The belief that was central to Martin Luther's religious philosophy was Salvation by _____ _____.


Under the Presbyterian form of church government, the church is governed by _________.

Extreme Violence

Luther did not support the peasant revolt because he did not believe in the _______ ________.


Which of the following clearly did NOT support Luther?
a.) The German peasants
b.) The German nobility
c.) The German townspeople
d.) Emperor Charles V
e.) Ulrich Zwingli


The peasants who revolted in 1515 wanted all of the following EXCEPT:
a.) The abolition of serfdom
b.) The reform of the clergy
c.) The suppression of Luther's movement
d.) An end to taxes and tithes
e.) None of the above

he needed the wealth they would bring

Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries largely because ______


This was the "city that was a church"


_____________ only baptized adults.


In his 95 Theses, Martin Luther criticized the selling of _________.

Peace of Augsburg

German princes were granted the power to decide the religion of their states in the _______ __ ________.

Baptism & the Eucharist

The Protestant view of the "sacraments" differ from the Catholic church's view of the sacraments in that instead of having seven sacraments as Catholics did, Lutheran had just two: ________ & ______

The Act of Supremacy

A law passed by the English Parliament that established a new separate "Church of England", it named the English monarch as the head of the Church of England, and it tells the world that no one can tell England what to do with respect to its internal political affairs.


The Anabaptists believed that members of all other religious groups other than own were______, and that Anabaptists should leaved the state and form their own religious community.


The spread of Protestantism went hand in hand with a growing nationalism. More and more people identified with their nation. Official state religions strengthened national unity. Catholic rulers became increasingly independent of the _____.

Catholics and Protestants

_______ & _______ fought throughout Europe.

resist authority

Protestantism emphasized a willingness to ________ ________ (the Catholic Church)


Most of northern Europe, including Germany became______. Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France remained Catholic. Bohemia, Austria, and Hungary remained Catholic as well.

John Knox

____ ____ started the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.


As a part of the "counter reformation" movement from the Catholic Church, official in Rome revived a practice of aggressively convicting and punishing heretics. They often used torture and even death as a tactic. This was called the _________.


The _______ and political struggles within the church weakened the church and allowed the Reformation to begin.

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