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The hepatic portal system, the precaval and postcaval systems. Identify the organ/s or area/s that the given vein drains.

liver, spleen, pancreas

hepatic portal v.


coronary v.

stomach, greater omentum

right gastroepiploic v.

pancreas, duodenum

anterior pancreaticoduodenal v.

stomach, spleen

gastrosplenic v.

stomach, greater omentum

middle gastroepiploic v.


pancreatic v.


anterior splenic v.


posterior splenic v.

stomach, greater omentum

left gastroepiploic v.


superior mesenteric v.

pancreas, duodenum

posterior pancreaticoduodenal v.

descending colon, rectum

inferior mesenteric v.

small intestine, ascending colon

intestinal v.

anterior parts of the body


intercostal muscles, esophagus, bronchii

azygos v.

intercostal muscles

intercostal v.

chest wall, diaphragm

internal mammary v.

abdominal wall

superior epigastric v.

head, arms

brachiocephalic v.

brain, spinal cord

vertebral v.

back muscles

costocervical v.

upper arm, shoulder

subclavian v.

upper arm, shoulder

axillary v.

pectoral muscles

ventral thoracic v.

upper arm, shoulder

subscapular v.

pectoral muscles

long thoracic v.

latissimus dorsi

thoracodorsal v.


brachial v.


transverse scapular v.


external jugular v.

larynx, thyroid gland

internal jugular v.

larynx, pharynx

transverse (jugular) v.

face, jaws, submaxillary glands, lymph glands

anterior facial v. (two will do)

parotid gland

posterior facial v.

anterior ear region

anterior auricular v.

pinna, back of head

posterior auricular v.

posterior parts of the body



phrenic v.


hepatic v.

adrenal glands

adrenolumbar v.


renal v.


ovarian v.


spermatic v.

muscles of the dorsal body wall

lumbar v.

muscles of the dorsal body wall

iliolumbar v.


common iliac v.


external iliac v.

pelvis, gluteus muscles

internal iliac v.

superficial muscles of the hindlimb

femoral v.


caudal v.

deep muscles of the hindlimb

deep femoral v.

urinary bladder

umbilical v.

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