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2014 GA ESO leaf and tree finder

American Elm
Broad Leaf, Deciduous, Alt, Leaves: large and small teeth all around, double serrated. Inequalateral: not equal at base, one side higher at midline, than other. Slight rough
American Elder
opposite, 5-9 leaflets, large corymbs of white flowers, toothed
Post Oak
Cross shaped leaves- rounded lobe- acorns
Water Oak
Wedge shape but still resembles a water drop if viewed in the right perspective. Grows near water.
Black Cherry
description: smooth, toothed, simple, alternate, not lobed, orange/red fuzzy vein
Large Simple leaves. Bright green leaves with lusterous top side.
Loblolly Pine
(longleaf pine), scaly bark, long pine needles
Red Mulberry
leaves of different shapes
Yellow Poplar
Tulip tree
Eastern Red Cedar
Flowering Dogwood
In the springtime, the soft white "blossoms" of this tree add a fringe of white to many forest edges. The leaves are opposite and oval in shape. The fruits are bright red and arranged in tight clusters.
Red Maple
large deciduous tree, star shaped leaves, has burrs or prickly balls
White Basswood
White Oak
Note the rounded lobes
American Sycamore
Green Ash
compound leaf, several leaflets, slightly serrated, has fruit
River Birch
peeling bark, tiny leaves that look like arrow heads
Black Willow
long droopy leaves
Red Hickory
Leave compound 8 - 12 in long with 5 - 7 leaflets. The terminal one usually broader than the laterals, margin toothed yellow-green and smooth above

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