13 terms

Unit 7- part 1

abate, v.
1) become less; decrease; diminish
abatement, n.
slackening; letup
accord, n.
agreement; understanding
aggravate, v.
make worse; worsen; intensify
belligerent, adj.
fond of fighting; warlike; combative
conspicuous, adj.
noticeable; easily seen; prominent; striking
craft, n.
1) skill; art; trade
2) skill or art in a bad sense; guile
crafty, adj.
sly; cunning
craven, adj.
cowardly; dastardly; gutless
craven, n.
coward; dastard
currency, n.
something in circulation as a medium of exchange; coin
deter, v.
turn aside through fear; discourage; hinder; keep back
duplicate, n.
one of two things exactly alike; copy; reproduction