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Mr. Luther's

Glacial Erosion

the process by which glaciers cut, carve or scratch the earth's surface

Alpine Glacier

a narrow, wedge-shaped mass of ice that forms in a small mountainous region

Ice Sheets

huge slabs of ice and snow that cover large areas of land for thousands of years

Continental Glacier

a glacier that spreads out from a central mass of ice


a large mass of ice floating at sea

Plastic Flow

A type of glacial movement that occurs within the glacier, below a depth of approximately 50 meters, in which the ice is not fractured.

Zone of Fracture

uppermost portion of glacier


A deep crack or fissure in the ice of a glacier.

Glacial Trough

a deep, U-shaped valley carved by an alpine glacier.


a sharp narrow ridge found in rugged mountains


glaciers curve away the sides of a mountain the result is this a sharened peak

Hanging Valley

A valley left by a melted tributary glacier that enters a larger glacial valley above its base, high up on the valley wall.


a steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain


a mountain lake (especially one formed by glaciers)

Pater Noster Lakes

lakes that looked like rosary beads

Stratified Drift

glacial deposit that has been sorted and layered by the actions of streams or meltwater

Glacial Erratics

large boulders that have been plucked and transported a great distance before they are deposited

Terminal Moraine

eroded rock material dropped at the front of a glacier

Lateral Moraine

moraine that forms along the sides of glaciers

Medial Moraine

are formed when two advancing valley glaciers come together to form a single ice stream

Self Arrest

a technique that climbers use to stop from falling down a slope by digging an ice ax into the snow


the mixture of sediments that a glacier deposits directly on the surface

Outwash Plain

area in front of a glacier in which melt water from the glacier has carried & deposited an abundance of sorted material


a mound of glacial drift

Kettle Lakes

large block of ice that falls off a glacier and melts, forming a hole then filling with water

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