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  1. Chemical energy
  2. energy
  3. Endothermic & chemical
  4. No
  5. Formation of a gas
    formation of a solid
    release of energy
  1. a Can atoms be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction?
  2. b What is energy that is stored in the form of chemical bonds?
  3. c What type of reaction is photosynthesis?
  4. d What are some easily visible signs of chemical reactions?
  5. e what do most chemical reactions need to get started?

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  1. Chemical reactions always involve changes in ________.
  2. you can tell that a chemical reaction is happening because?
  3. When isooctane & oxygen react, what two products form?
  4. What do plants use to convert carbon dioxide & water into glucose & oxygen?
  5. Chemical reactions rearange the ______ between atoms.

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  1. CovalentIf endothermic reactions need more energy than they can get from their surroundings the energy must be added as _______ to cause the reaction to take place.


  2. a substance that participates in a chemical reactionWhat is a product?


  3. New bonds form to make the productsWhat happens when energy is added to start a reaction?


  4. LessIn all chemical reactions what stays the same?


  5. Break bondsMany forms of energy can be used to ___________.


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