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Whiskey Ring
Native/ Reservation

2.Depression 1873- 1877
89 Railroads closed 3,000,000 laid off
Bank Runs
Jay Cooke Bank closed which was an important bank

Due to both of these things people stopped caring about reconstruction
The official end of Reconstruction came with the election of 1876

3.Election of 1876
Rep Hayes (165 electoral college votes) v. Dem TIlden (184 electoral college votes)

In order to win the election 185 electoral college votes were required
20 votes were disputed
Oregon, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida
South Carolina and Florida were Republican
Special commision has 7 Democrats and 8 Republicans
All of the 20 votes go to Republicans
Which made Republican Hayes win by 1 vote
He won 185 to 184


1.The deal is to remove all Federal troops from the 5 military districts
2.Federal money to build a railroad to Texas to the West Coast
3.Conservative Democrat would be part of Hayes Cabinet

The result of this was that reconstruction would come to an end
Compromise of 1876
Another reason for reconstruction ending were the Jim Crow Laws
Jim Crow Laws were to restrict African Americans from voting
Poll taxes would mess with the 15th amendment they would collect a tax on certain days and certain hours when people would not be off of work
Literacy Tests they would ask them how to spell two which could have multiple spelling such as to or too

Another part of Jim Crow law was
Whites/Blacks could not marry
Blacks could not testify against whites
Blacks could not serve on juries
Blacks could not carry weapons
Black could not travel