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Midterm 2011

all of the follwoing are prominetn features of Greece's topography execept

extensive open plains

in general seperate early greek communities

became fierce rivals fighting so often as to threaten Greek civilization itself

the chief center of minoan crete was


which of the following statements best describes the mycenaenas

they were a warrior people who acheieved their apex between 1400 adn 1200 BC

the civiliation of Minoan crete

a and c

which of the following was not among the Greek peoples who settled in Greece by the time of the Dark Ages

b and c

the period immediately following the collapse of teh Mycenaean civilization is referred to as the

Greek dark age

during the migrations of the dark age many ionians

crossed the aegean sea to settle in asia minor

what were the chief characteristics of the Greek Dark Age

it was a period of migrations and declining food production

which of the following is true of Greece from the eight century BC

the polis evolved into the central instituion in Greek Life

the polis was the greek name for


which of the following was not a characteristic of the typical Greek polis

each polis had a population of between 90,000 and 100,000

the development of the polis had a negative impact on Greek society by

dividing Greece into fiercely competitive states

during the period of Greek history from 750-500 BC

trade and colonization increased greatly

the hoplite phlanz was

a new Greek military organization of heavily armed infantry

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