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Where is the Cape of Good Hope?

The Southern tip of Africa

Which country was the first from Europe to sail around the Cape of Good Hope?


Most of South America was?


Most of Brazil was claimed by?


What trade between Russia and the West big trade commodity?


What did the west trade back to Russia?

art and manufactured goods

What place did the East India Company gain in India as a place of trade first?


The region in America colonized by Portugal was?


The beginnings of Western Exploration came from?


The vikings crossed the Atlantic in the 10th century and named North America?


The largest recipients of New World silver were?

China and India

What colonies in North America were Western Institutions and values more apparent in?

French and British

The southern British colonies of the Atlantic seaboard produced?

cash crops

The Portuguese colony established in Africa for slave expeditions for slave exploration was?


Early English voyages to North America were in search of an?

Arctic route to China

Three technological improvements of the west in the 15th century were?

compass, deep draft ships, and gun powder for gunnery

Who was claimed by Spain as the result of Magellan's circumnavigate the world?

The philippines

Who did the British East India Company rule for much of the 18th century?


The Western goods of most interest to the Japanese was?


The First Spanish colony on the American mainland was?


What helped Spain to initially dominate world trade?


The first Spanish colony on American mainland happened in what year?


What year did the Dutch establish a colony in southern Africa?


What did they trade in the Columbian Exchange?

horses, sheep, cows, pigs, and disease

What did the British East India Company do?

They acted almost like independent governments in the regions they claimed. They did it for India during the 18th century.

What was the result of the Seven Years War?

France lost its' colony because of the Treaty of Paris.

What was the battle where the spanish defeated the Ottomans in a sea battle?

The Battle of Lepanto in 1571

What was a boer?

Dutch settlers in Cape Colony

What port city were the Dutch allowed to trade with in Japan?


What did Prince Henry the Navigator do?

he organized a series of expeditions along the African coast and also outward to islands.

What two countries make up the Iberian Peninsula?

Spain and Portugal

What ended the 7 years war?

Treaty if Paris

What is the economic theory that stressed governments' promotion of limitation of imports from other nations and internal ecomomies in order to improve tax revenues; popular during 17th and 18th centuries in Europe?


Cape of Good Hope - year


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