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  1. hydrolgical cycle
  2. estivation
  3. infiltrate
  4. Describe some external/environmental cues and internal cues that "signal" organisms to anticipate and prepare for environmental changes.
  5. why is there a greater effect if trees are cut down then being burned down
  1. a if trees are cut down not as much carbon would come out of them but if you burn it it will release a sink full of carbon
  2. b a cycle that assures humans fresh water to drink.
  3. c the arrangement of the parts of a flower in the bud
  4. d some of the cues would be when the weaher starts to become colder. Aslo the photo period would tell them which is the change in the sunlight
  5. e to filter into or through permeate.

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  1. they effect organisms for three reasons one it tells them when it is time to wake up go to sleep and tell them what to do
  2. it will take a few days to get used to the the time change and diffrence. Also, it can make you wake uo eirleir, disrupt your sleep patterns and make you feel depresed
  3. An annual plant is a seasonal plant as it survives for only a season or year
  4. to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration
  5. when birds move to a warmer place for winter

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  1. describe some events that can dirupt an ecosystemsome events are hurricanes tornados, volcanos, and any other natural disaster


  2. free nitrogensomething that is not usable by most organisms


  3. 4. Describe how grunion are influenced by lunar cycles.they are effected by lunar cycles because the moon makes the tide go up so the fish go up and then breed in the sand at high tide


  4. describe 3 things that make water so specailit is formed when lots of water vapor combine together and attche to form a cloud


  5. condensationthe process of turning a solid to a liquid