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  1. groundwater
  2. nitrate
  3. hydrolgical cycle
  4. estivation
  5. primary sucsession
  1. a a plant that has little bumps in the bottom that fertalize the soil
  2. b a cycle that assures humans fresh water to drink.
  3. c Primary succession is when plant life occurs in an environment in which new it avoids vegetation and usually lacks soil and kills everything arond it
  4. d the arrangement of the parts of a flower in the bud
  5. e the water beneath the surface of the ground

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  1. the interval in a 24-hour period during which a plant or animal is exposed to light.
  2. it is important because we can not make any moore matter then we have and when it runs out there will be nothing left
  3. if trees are cut down not as much carbon would come out of them but if you burn it it will release a sink full of carbon
  4. an internal timer that helps organisms stay in step with the rythmic cycles of the enviornment
  5. Ecological succession describes the natural changes that occur in ecosystems.

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  1. describe some events that can dirupt an ecosystemsome events are hurricanes tornados, volcanos, and any other natural disaster


  2. migrationwhen birds move to a warmer place for winter


  3. runoffwhen water hits a surface that it can not sink into so it slides off


  4. annual plantsto filter into or through permeate.


  5. 2. How might having biological clocks be better for organisms than simple responding to changes in the environment as they happen? Give an could help them because it could tell them when they need yo start gatering food so it could create fat on the body for winter


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