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  1. evaporation
  2. How do biological clocks affect organisms? Give 3 examples of events controlled by a biological clock.
  3. 2. How might having biological clocks be better for organisms than simple responding to changes in the environment as they happen? Give an example.
  4. ecological sucsesion
  5. 4. Describe how grunion are influenced by lunar cycles.
  1. a Ecological succession describes the natural changes that occur in ecosystems.
  2. b they effect organisms for three reasons one it tells them when it is time to wake up go to sleep and tell them what to do
  3. c it could help them because it could tell them when they need yo start gatering food so it could create fat on the body for winter
  4. d when surface water gets extracted out from bodys of water and turns into water vapor
  5. e they are effected by lunar cycles because the moon makes the tide go up so the fish go up and then breed in the sand at high tide

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  1. they are predictable because that same thing has happened before or they studied taht place for a lon time
  2. something that is not usable by most organisms
  3. a cycle that occurs over an over again
  4. This plan can not work since mongooses are diarnul and only active durring the day. The mice are nocturtnal so the mongooses can not see them since they will be asleep
  5. when animals sleep durring all of winter

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  1. photoperiodthe arrangement of the parts of a flower in the bud


  2. secondary sucsesionsecondary succession occurs on subtance sthat previously supported vegetation before disturbed


  3. why does secondary sucsession occur more rapidlyit occurs most rapidly because there is less to burn down


  4. groundwaterthe water beneath the surface of the ground


  5. Why would it be important that birds and other animals be "told by their biological clocks" when to migrate?it is important because we can not make any moore matter then we have and when it runs out there will be nothing left