Soultions a doctor would give and prescribe for medical problems

25 terms by marago1

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la algergia medicina

allergy medicine

el antibiótico


la aspirina


La tos jarabe

Cough Syrup

evitar contacto

To avoid contact


to take, to drink

estar en forma

To be fit


to stretch

la dieta


la vitamina


tener confianza en si mismo

to have self- confidence

obtener dormir

to get sleep

placa radiográfica


estar de buen humor

to be in a good mood

ejercicios aeróbicos


relajar (se)

to relax


to breathe

saludable hábito alimenticio

Healthy eating habit

el apropiado alimentación

appropriate nutrition

nutritivo merienda

nutritious snack


to endure

concentrarse bien de salud

to concentrate on good health

poner hielo

To put ice



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