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The federal system adopted in the late 18th century most directly resulted in spatial patterns in the American Midwest that tend to be
Toponym is a term used in the study of
place names
Longitude is to he prime meridian as latitude is to the
Carl Sauer argued that the main focus of geographic study should be
cultural landscapes
Which of the following is most likely to be the focus of study for a physical geographer?
movement of glaciers
A traveler must set the clock back 24 hours
crossing the 180 degree longitude from asia to america
land masses farthest away from the equator
The Mercator map projection is controversial largely because it distorts
A geographer that manipulates different types of geographic information into layers of an image or map is almost likely making use of the technology of...
large percentage of young people in the population
Suppose that a country has a falling fertility rate, but its population continues to increase. This demographic pattern in most likely caused by the country's...
arithmetic population density
Suppose that a geographer divides the total population of a country by the country's total amount of land space. the resulting figure is the country's...
a 50-year old married woman
According to Ravenstein, which of the following is least likely to immigrate?
physiological population density
The carrying capacity of an area is based most closely on its
the 20th century
During which of the following periods in World History has population doubling time been the shortest?
The country would have a natural increase.
Suppose that a country's crude death rate, but the country's out-migration is greater than the difference between the birth rate and the death rate. How would the country's natural increase be affected?
the natural increase exploded
The most significant effect of the epidemiological transition in Europe during the mid-19th century is that...
demographic transition theory
The chart above illustrates
the belief that inanimate objects have spirits and conscious life
All of the following languages are part of the Indo-European language family EXCEPT:
a rain forrest
Which of the following is NOT an example of a cultural landscape?
The principal religion of India is
Which of the following countries has the largest percentage of Shiite Muslims in its populations?
Which of the following religions is predominant in the states of the Southeastern US?
place names
Toponymy is the study of
In the United States, the largest concentrations of Mormons are found in...
They are likely to contribute to cultural diversity
Which of the following is true of folk cultures?
Shintoism is a major religion in...
Which of the following is an example of a universalizing religion?
Suppose that a geographer draws a line that separates South Texas from the rest of the state, recognizing the common usage of the word "vaquero" (cowboy) south of the line but not north of the line. The geographers boundary is known as a(n)
Which of the following is least accurately described as a modern day lingua franca language?
actively seeks converts to their views and beliefs
Sikhism and Baha'i are generally view as universalizing religions because they both
The largest branch of Buddhism, characterized by broad incorporation of ideas and gods from other religions is...
A practical style of house that originated in New England and diffused to nearby cold-weather areas is the..
A person who burns an American Flag during a political demonstration is hoping to make an impact based on the use of cultural...
A country of Indonesia is a good example of a state with problems caused by...
federal and confederal systems only
Which of the following types of states allow sub-governments to exercise power separate from the central government?
forward capital
The city of Brasilia was built primarily to serve as Brazil's...
gain political advantage for a group
the main purpose of gerrymandering is to?
Which of the following is the best example of a primate city?
Which of the following is NOT an example of supra nationalism?
line of latitude
A good example of a geometric boundary is a...
Suppose that a landlocked country claims territory on the coast that is separated from it by the territory of another state. In relation to the landlocked country, the territory is a(n)
East Berliners in
The intention of the Berlin Wall was to keep
In which of the following countries is plantation farming least likely to be practiced?
intensive subsistence
Which of the following types of farming is most often used to raise wet, or lowland, rice?
According to von Thunen, which of the follow type of agricultural activity is most likely to take place in ring 4?
The Second Agricultural Revolution
An important development that stimulated the growth of the Industrial Revolution was the...
shifting cultivation is common
The map above show major region of the World where
large and tended individually
The practice of primogeniture usually results in land parcels that are
colonial patterns
Modern global agricultural patterns have been most directly influenced by
new higher-yield seeds and the expanded use of fertilizers
The most important techniques that have shaped the Green Revolution are the use of...
the maquiladora district
One consequence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been the promotion of....
According to Alfred Weber, when too many businesses locate in one area, labor and transportation costs increase, which often leads to
primary sector to shrink
The Industrial Revolution affected the economies of industrializing countries by causing the...
lower cost of labor
Which of the following is an important advantage for U.S corporations that locate their manufacturing plants in Mexico?
literacy rates
In most countries, per capita income is most closely correlated with
the North American Manufacturing Belt
The rapid growth of labor-intensive manufacturing industries in China has contributed to the deindustrialization of
cost of transportation, labor costs, and agglomeration
Alfred Weber's least cost theory explains location of industries in terms of
people living today not impair the ability of future generations to meet their needs
The basic premise of sustainable development is that
Sub-Saharan Africa
"The central city consists of three CBDs...blah blah blah...ethnicity ring of the CBD"

The statements above most accurately describe cities in
Primate City
A city that is disproportionately large in relation to other cities in a country is called a(n)
temples for monotheistic worship
All of the following were common characteristics of the earliest cities EXCEPT:
growing reliability and popular pricing of automobiles
Suburban growth in the United States in the mid-20th century was spurred most directly by the
stimulate the growth of cities at railroad hubs
One impact of the Industrial Revolution on 19th century North America was to
reinforcing racial segregation patterns
Redlining, blockbusting, and steering were all practices that have impacted living patterns in U.S. cities by
businesses in the CBD and more purely residential areas in the outer zones
According to Burgess' concentric zone model, the "zone in transition" is a transition zone between...
a single mother with a low income
Which of the following individuals is MOST likely to live in center city in the United States?
The United States
Which of the following counties has the most stringent zoning ordinances?
solve regional problems, such as traffic flow
Local government fragmentation often makes it difficult for political leaders to
Middle-class people began moving in
When a deteriorating inner-city neighborhood is "gentrified," a common consequence is that
The smallest clustered settlement on the urban hierarchy is called a
large size, high density, social heterogeneity
According to Louis Wirth, a city is a permanent settlement with three defining characteristics of
Harris' peripheral model
the urban land use model that focuses most carefully on the development of the edge cities is
The recent fragmentation of the region into smaller political units shown on the map above is known as
Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Amazonian River Basin
The wattle construction style for houses is most commonly used in
A company that has negligible costs for transporting both resources and finished products
tertiary sector
Economic activities that involves services rather than goods characterize the
the outermost zones around the city area
in contrast to urban land use patterns in the United States, the poor in many cities in other parts of the world live in
If a country's percentage of labor force in the primary sector decreases and the percentage in the secondary sector increases, the most likely cause is
cultural landscapes
Products of interactions between humans and their environments are called
earliest cultural hearths
The map above shows
Latin America
During the late 20th century, the united States experienced a major increase in migrations from
the European Union
The regional organization that most clearly reflects the trend toward integration in the World today is
net migration
the demographic equation summarizes the population change over time in an area by combining natural change and
The Americas
Beans, squash, and corn were first raised as crops in
an increase in labor and transportation cost
deglomeration in an industrialized area is usually caused by
the united states
Which of the following countries has the highest overall worker productivity
positional dispute
The boundary between Argentina and Chile has been controversial because it follows the crests of the Andes Mountains and the watershed, which have not always coincided, This situation is
intensive subsitence
Globally, the type of farming that engages the largest numbers of people
a group of people that is bound together by a common political identity is best defined as a(n)
protect domesticated animals
The round village style was probably developed to
fertilizers led to groundwater pollution and reduce organic matter in the soil
A major criticism that has been launched against the Green Revolution is that
Weber's least cost theory
the theory that places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of agglomeration as a factor in determining the location of industry is
The lowest crude birth rates in the world today are in countries in
concentrates policy making power in the one central geographic place
a unitary system of government is one that
irrigation ditches
all of the following are physical site characteristics EXCEPT
truck farming
which type of farming is most dependent on the labor of migrant farm workers
vegetative planting
according to Carl sauer, the earliest form of plant cultivation was probably
the meiji restoration
the event in Japanese history most responsible for industrializing the country was
a house
Which of the following is an example of material culture?
the rimland theory
The argument that the key to global power lies within a large swath of land that touches oceans and seas is central to
environmental pull factor
when people move to an area because it has pleasant climate, they are influenced primarily by an
impair the ability of future generation to meet their needs
the basic premise of sustainable development is that current human activities not
remained segregated
blockbusting and redlining were practices used in urban areas that endured that neighborhoods
Food supply will keep up with the population growth only through negative socks
Thomas Malthus used the principles of exponential growth vs linear growth to argue that
Brazil and Mexico
Which of the following Latin American countries have become secondary industrial regions of the world?
French in the Middle East
All of the following are modern examples of modern lingua franca languages except:
The ability of a state to carry out actions or policies within its borders independently from interference either from the inside of the outside is called:
The process in which a deteriorating inner-city neighborhood is renovated and middle-class people begin to move in is called
Lower labor costs in China
The success of the maquiladora district in Mexico is currently most directly threatened by
Romance languages
According to demographic transition theory, during stage 3 a country experiences
Declining birth rates and low death rates
Which of the following is a sub-family of a language family?
Large land parcels that are tended individually
The practice of primogeniture influences land settlement patterns by encouraging
Latin America
The urban land use model that combines the concentric zone and sector models and includes a zone "in situ accretion" and dissmenity sector is used for cities in
Age and sex composition
A population pyramid is a graphic device that represents a population's
Kurdish people
A modern example of a stateless nation is the
Improving farm techniques
The 18th century English enclosure movement stimulated that second agricultural revolution by
Prime meridian
The imaginary line is used to determine longitude is called the
More based on physical characteristics
Distributions of population are very much affected by race and ethnicity. Race as a category differs from ethnicity as a category in that race is
The Caucasus
Which of the following areas is most characterized by linguistic fragmentation?
Physiological population density
Suppose that a geographer divides the total population of a country by the square kilometers of a country's arable land. The resulting figure is the country's
Quechua is an endangered language spoken primarily in
Which of the following is NOT a landlocked state
place names are also known as
the united states and Europe
deindustrialization as a source of rising unemployment rates has been an important concern in
Which of the following religions is practiced almost exclusively by people who live in one country?
Minority/majority districting rearranges voting districts to allow a minority representative to be elected, a practice that is a form of
A regional variant of a standard language is called a
Solar time
Time zones were created so that local time may closely match
In the milkshed surrounding a major city
Which of the following would be the likely choice of an American farmer wishing to begin operating a new dairy farm
Neo-malthusians today are most concerned with population
Mircopolitan statistical area
In the united states, an urban cluster between 10,000 and 50,000 people plus outlying counties with considerable social and economic integration is called a
The World
A small-scale map is most clearly necessary for representing
On the outskirts of the city
Squatter settlements in megacities of the periphery of the world system are most likely to be located
All of the following countries are majority Sunni Muslim except
Which of the following crops first become available in the eastern hemisphere as a result of the Columbian exchange?
Beans, tomatoes, and potatoes
Major oil reserves within the country
Which of the following is not a factor in the recent industrialization of india?
Reasons why people live where they do
which of the following is not addresses in a social area analysis of a census tract study?
Von thunen and E.W. burgess
Two theories of land use that form concentric circles around a central city or town were developed by
All of the following countries have net in migrations except
Shari'a law defines the legal system in countries where the dominant religion is
½ the size
According to the rank size rule, how big id the second largest city in a country in relationship to the largest city?
southeast asia
livestock ranching is common economic activity in all of the following except
rostow's modernization theory
the theory that assumes that all societies may be placed in one of the four stages- traditional, take-off, drive to technological maturity, and high mass consumption- is
store information in layers, then combines into an image
a geographic information system (GIS) is a technology that allows geographers to
zoning ordinances
in the united states, single-family houses, apartments, industry, and commerce are separated into different areas in cities by
Animal grazing
In Von thunen's model above, what type of agricultural activity is most likely to occur in Ring 4?
Which of the following regions of the world was the latest to develop large urban areas?
North America, northern Europe, and south Africa
Protestantism is the principle religion in
The median-line principle is used for boundaries that follow
Uniform landscapes
In contrast to folk culture, popular culture is more likely to result in
Post-industrial societies
The tertiary economic sector generally dominates
Chain migration
When people who move out of an area communicate with people back home and stimulat others to follow later, the phenomenon is known as
In virtually all areas of the world through global
Industrial agriculture currently is practiced
trade and exchange markets
Gross domestic product per capita
The most common measure of the average person's contribution to generating a country's wealth in a year is the
many areas of the world, with the exception of Sub-Saharan Africa
"IR8" and "IR36" were part of a 20th century biotechnological revolution that has resulted in agricultural production outpacing population growth in
dependency theory
an explanation that less developed countries do not have healthy economies because western nations have exploited them is probably based on
new England
the American saltbox house style originated in
which of the following is a universalizing religion?
An early series of inventions in the textile industry stimulated industrial growth
Which of the following was not an important reason why the industrial revolution began in England?
Rain forest zones
In which geographical setting is shifting cultivation usually practiced?