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*daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta
*loyal to family (wants bro buried)
*outspoken and relentless
*fights for what she believes in


*daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta
*more resistant/hesitant
*more of a follower


*king ruler in story
*uncle of antigone, ismene etc...
*cruel, heartless
*doesn't get the answer he was looking for from fortune teller
*abuses his power but does have a change of heart @ the last minute


*creons son and fiance of antigone
*more thoughtful
*cares about antigone
*brave (speaks up to father)
*eventually kills himself


*fortune teller
*wise +good @ seeing future
*not afraid to tell creon the truth


*wife of creon
*quiet @ first (women didn't usually speak their mind)
*stands up to creon after haemon dies
*eventually kills herself aswell


*killed his father (king laius)
*married his mother (queen jocasta)
*father of antigone, ismene, polynices and eteocles.

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