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Types of Poems

tell stories; ex) "Paul Revere's Ride"
song or songlike poem that tells a story. The story is often about love, betrayal, or death. They usually have a regular, steady rhythm, a simple rhyme pattern, and a refrain, all of which make them easy to memorize. ex) "The Dying Cowboy"
long narrative poems, originally passed down by word of mouth, that tell about heroes who embody the values of the culture recounting the tale. ex) "Beowulf"
usually don't tell a story. Instead, they express personal thoughts and feelings of the poet or the speaker. ex) "Birdfoot's Grandpa"
a specific type of lyric poem that is always 14 lines long and usually has a particular type of meter. ex) "On the Grasshopper and the Cricket"
long, lyric poems that were traditionally written to celebrate a famous person or a lofty idea. Today some are written to celebrate ordinary things. ex) "Ode to Joy"
a poem of mourning, usually for someone who has died. ex) "O Captain! My Captain!"
do not follow a regular meter or rhyme scheme, but they do include other elements of poetry, such as rhythm, imagery, figures of speech, and alliteration. ex) "I Hear America Singing"