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Charles the Great, 46 year reign, fought Muslims in Spain, Saxons, etc. Became emperor of the Romans.


a loosely organized system of rule in which powerful local lords divided their landholdings among lesser lords


lesser lords

feudal contracts

the exchange of pledges between lords and vassals to establish a relationship


an estate


mounted warrior


mock battles


the knights' code of conduct


wandering poets


lord's estate




King of the Franks, conquered Gaul, preserved much of Roman legacy; converted to Christianity


a religion, started in Arabia in 632 AD, Muslims are the believers or followers, created new civilization


respected scholar of York, created a curriculum of Latin learning, became education model

Treaty of Verdun

Made by Charlemagne's grandsons, split empire into three (3) nations


Destroyed last part of Empire, were great traders and voyagers.


Latin for middle age


a sparsely populated, undeveloped area on the outskirts of a civilization

Missi Dominici

the officials who would check on roads, listen & take care of justice


formal course of study

1. Monarchy, 2. Nobles, 3. Vassals, 4. Knights, 5. serfs

"pyramid hierarchy" picture of triangle


orignially any man could be a knight / price of armour high, only nobles could afford / wore armour / horse killed knight is defenseless / loyal to church, fair to all, protected women & helpless / a "fallen knight" is one who broke chivalry rules

becoming a knight

PAGE (7) lessons, exercises, wentto battles to watch / SQUIRE (14) training hard 3-days without food, 1-day without water, 24-hours without sleep, battles = fighting / KNIGHT (21) bathed, large party

Heraldry & Coat of Arms

Made by Heralds, for nobles, vassals

500 AD - 1500 AD

Middle Ages


Rome's name for the waves of invaders, intruders

Dark Ages

early era of Middle Ages

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