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predictto state what will happen in the future; to foreseeaccompanyto go or come along withrelaxto become less tenseapproveto consent to, to allow, or to endorserestrictto limit; to reduceviolateto defy; to disobeydenyto reject or refuseimmigrateto move to a new countryconformto follow rules or standard, to follow social conventions to fit itacknowledgeto admit or accept as a factadhereto follow; to stick todegreecertification received upon graduationaudibleable to be hearduniteto join or combinetrainto teach to do something, often by repetitionmemorythe ability to recall information and experiencesfactsomething that is truecognizantto be aware of somethingassembleto put something togetherexposeto reveal; to uncoverinterpretto explain or understand the meaning of; to translatedemonstrateto show, to prove. or to establish with evidenceadjustto change or alter something slightly in order to improve it; to modifydiminishto become less or worse; to declineacquireto obtain or receive; to attaininfluenceto have an effect on; to affect; to impactreviseto reconsiderabsorbto take in or soak uppurchaseto buyselectto chooseparadoxsomething appearing to contain a contradictionpedestriancommon, not distinct, having to do with walkinginventto produce something newcreateto make something from scratchcommemorateto honor something; to remember somethingmentionto bring something up; to refer to somethingformulateto come up; to developsolveto come up with an answer to a probleminterveneto become involved in a situation; to interfereenhanceto make better; to improvemotivateto give a reason or incentive to do something; to encourage or inspireimplyto suggest that something is true without saying so directly; to insinuaterevealto show; to uncoverimplementto put into effect; to enactthriveto flourish; to do well; to prosperstriveto try; to attempt or endeavorrequireto need or demandaccelerateto gain speed; to speed uprespondto answer; to replyrejectto refuse to accept; to dismisscontendto debate; to assertconsecutiveto follow in ordervitalnecessary for life, of extreme importantamiablefriendly; pleasantfluentable to speak a language proficientlydescribeto explain somethingpassiona strong emotionexceedto go above and beyondderiveto obtain something from a sourceinvestto put money or effort into something in the hope of receiving a benefitinvestigateto look closely at something in order to determine the truth; to examinedeclineto become lower or worse; to decrease or diminishutilizeto useseekto look forencounterto meet; to faceinvolveto make someone a part of somethinganticipateto expectmodifyto adapt; to change or adjustundergoto experience; to be subjected tounderlieto be located beneath, to be a cause or reason for somethinglaptopa portable computerdesktopthe working area of a computer screendatabasedata held on a computertechnologythe use of scientific knowledge for a particular purpose, such as computersapplicationa formal request, a program of piece of software for a particular purpose.networka group of connected people or thingsdocumentto record information as text, audio, photography, or some other formrefreshto reinvigorate or give energy to, to refill a drinkwebsitea group of webpages located under a single domain nameloginthe process of unlocking a computer, database or system with a username, code and/or passwordonlineconnected to a computertableta writing pad, a small portable computer with a touchscreenkeyboarda panel of keys used to operate a computercyberrelating to computers and modern information technologyelectronichaving or using components that control and direct electricityinterneta global network providing information and communicationintraneta local, private network, providing information and communicationprograma planned event or performance, a booklet given at a performance which provides details about the performancesoftwarethe non-physical operation information on a computerhardwarethe physical components of a computeracclaimto praise; to declare or announce one's approvalinquireto investigate; to questiondiligencesignificant effort put towards somethingprofilecompiled information about a person or thingdetermineto decide based on informationengageto involve inresolveto make a decision, to find an answer to a problemcancelto decide something will not happen; to stop from happeningoutgrowto no longer need or be able to use something due to growth or developmentappreciateto be grateful formonitorto observe; to keep track ofconstructto build or formestablishto set up; to found, to show that something is a factconcludeto finish; to end, to develop a judgment after studying or considering somethingsurviveto last or live through an event or period of time; to endurerecommendto advise, to say positive things about; to endorsescrutinizeto closely inspect or examinepolluteto contaminate or make uncleansimulateto imitate; to mimicensureto make certain; to guaranteedecentadequate, okay, suitable, enoughcollectto gather; to compileobligeto be required to do something (often in return for a favor)productiveto accomplish a lotcompeteto try to win somethingsatisfyto meet the requirements or expectationscharacterthe traits of a personconsequencethe result of an actioncommenceto beginapproachto come close toconsultto seek advice or information fromdistractto divert or take away someone's attentionenableto make able or possibleassessto judge the nature, quality, or degree of something; to evaluate or sppraisepersistto last; to go on; to enduredevoteto commit; to dedicateceaseto end; to conclude; to stopdoubtto suspect of being untrueprecedeto go or come beforeunifyto bring or come together; to uniteilluminateto brighten, to clarify; to enlightenedinterruptto stop; to breakconsiderto think something overpromiseto commit to do somethingprotectto keep someone or something safereputationhoe someone is seen to othersaddressto discuss; to direct remarks togatherto bring togetherinsertto put something into something elsedeteriorateto grow worsecorrespondto be very similar to something; to match almost exactlycooperateto work together in order to accomplish something; to collaboratedominateto exert control overfacilitateto make something easierretainto keep or holdcomplementto bring out the best in or supply a missing qualitycomplimentto make a positive comment about; to praiseoccupyto be in a place or position; to inhabitmanipulateto influence or controlwaiveto give up; to relinquishconsciousaware, knowingponderto consider fullyriskchance of something going badlyaccommodateto make or provide room forattendto go to an eventarrangeto set up; to put in orderaccessto gain entry toallocateto set asideconvinceto cause a person to agree with a statement or opinion; to persuadeperceiveto sense; to be aware ofattributeto give credit or assign responsibility for something to a particular person, condition, etc.occurto happen; to take placeintimidateto challenge a person's confidence; to make nervous or afraidreinforceto make stronger or more intensepursueto follow or chase afterconcentrateto focus; to direct one's attention toignoreto pay no attention todetectto sense or discover something; to discern; to identifyexpandto move apart or outwards so as to take up more space; to growclarifyto make something clearer or easier to understand; to explainculminateto finish, to reach the topregisterto enroll, to notice or be noticedreduceto minimize; to make smallerphysicalhaving to do with a material traitcodea way of communication only a select group of people can understandglimpseto catch sight ofpracticeto work on habituallyverbalexpressed in wordspermitto allowjustifyto show or claim that something is right or reasonablefluctuateto vary frequently and irregularly; to vacillatedeviateto differ or stray from an established standard or course; to vary or divergeexportto send something out of the country, usually for saleimportto bring something into the country, usually for the saleregulateto control, especially by making rules; to superviseprovideto supplyqualifyto meet requirements; to be or become eligiblesucceedto achieve a goalremoveto take something off or awaycommitto promise to do something; to pledge, to carry outpetitionto requesthesitateto wait; to pausetechnicalpertaining to the specialized or practical skills of science, art, or any particular professionabundantmore than enoughaccomplishto complete something, usually an achievementablecapable, having the necessary resourcesapplyto use for a purpose, to make a requestconfidencebelief in oneselfexcludeto leave out; to omitestimateto make an educated guesslegislateto make lawindicateto show or suggestdauntto discourage; to intimidatefounderto sink; to fall gelplesslygoadto prod or urgeriddleto make many holes in; to permeatenettleto irritateplyto use diligently; to engageeditto change and improve a piece of writingstraight forwarduncomplicated, simplepodiumplatform, lectern, boothrecognizeto identifydeleteto erasedisplayo showduplicateto make a copysearchto look fordurableable to last through tough conditions; enduringrecurto happen repeatedlycompareto make note of differences and similarities between two or more thingsreactto act in response to; to respondconveyto communicate or express, to transportcombineto put together; to blenddistributeto give out; to divide among a grouppromoteto support or publicize, to raise someone to a higher grade or positionconsumeto buy or use up, to eat or drinkdistortto depict something inaccuratelyeliminateto get rid of; to remove or excludeinjureto hurtdepleteto use uptransformto change dramaticallyformulateto create a method for doing somethingimposeto force; to establish; to obtrudenetworkto connect to a group of people, usually for professional purposesprocessto think something over for understandingreplaceto exchange for something newskillsomething one is good atsoftwarea program designed to complete a task on computerstoreto holdgenerateto produce; to createfocusto direct one's attention to ; to concentrateidentifyto determine who or what a person or thing is; to recognizepersuadeto convinceorganizeto put in order, to arrangetolerateto allow or endureguaranteeto promise or endurecontributeto give or donatecoincideto happen at the same timecontradictto oppose or challenge a person or a statement, to disputerecoverto improve after experiencing a declineperpetuateto cause something to last indefinitely, to sustainsessiona series, a time periodfailto not succeed; to losepresentto show or demonstrateconductto manage; to directmentorto provide an example for; to teach; to influenceawareto know; to be cognizantraiseto lift in height or statusbasethe bottom layer; the starting pointpreliminarycoming before or done in preparation for somethingvaluableof great worth; expensivereluctantunwilling; not eagersubtledelicate or understated; not obviousvagueunclear; imprecise; not specificconsistentunchanging; stable, compatible; in line withequivalentequalvalidacceptable as true; reasonable; convincing, legally binding or effective; legitimatewidespreadaffecting or existing in a large area; extensive; generalrigidhard; stiff; unyieldingultimateEventual; final, ideal; bestabstractbased on ideas or general concepts rather than physical reality or specific eventsessaya piece of writing on a particular subjectconclusionthe end of an event, process or text, the summing up of an argumentdeadlinethe final time or date by which something should be completed or submittedtranscripta written or printed version of an audio or video recordingargumenta conversation between two or more people with different views or opinions; typically heated or angry, a reason in support or a view or opinionthesisa statement of theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved, a long essay or dissertation involving personal researchantithesissomething that is the direct opposite or something elsedismissto send away or order to leave, to decide something to be not worth serious considerationdiagrama drawing or representation made to explain or show the structure of somethingcontextthe information surrounding an idea or eventproofreadto read written content and mark any errorsdissertationa long essay on a particular subjectparagrapha unit within a piece of writing, usually connected by a themeplagiarismtaking someone else's work and presenting it as your ownethosthe spirit of a period of time or a group of peoplefootnotesadditional information in a piece of writing that is included at the bottom of the page, rather than in the body of writingdistinguishto identify something as different from something elsecitationa quotation or reference to another source of information within a piece of writingarticlea piece of writing collected among other pieces of writingclichea commonly used phrase that suggests a lack of original thought in the user