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Lecture Exam A&P Ch 16

Steroid hormones
bind to intercellular receptors
a cell's hormonal sensitivities are determined by the
presence or absence of appropriate receptors
the link between a first messenger and a second messenger in a cell that responds to peptide hormones is usually
G protein
when adenyl cyclase is activated
cAMP is formed
the hormone that causes a decerease in FSH levels in both males and females is
thyroid hormone contain the mineral
if stress last longer than a few hjjours, an individual will enter the ....phase of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS)
resistance phase
hormones that dominate during the resistence phase of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) are the
during resistence phase of the general adaptatioin syndrom (GAS)
lipid reserves are mobilized
the exhaustion phase of the general adaptation phase (GAS) is characterized by
decreased resistance to disease and infection
increased aggressive behavior is associated with increases in
the protein....frequently functions together with calcium ions as a second messenger
.... are segments of DNA that bind with hormone receptor complexes
hormone receptive elements
in the ednocrine system, the functional counterparts of neural reflexes are
endocrine reflexes
peripheral cells sensitive to the presence of hormones are called...
target cells
the posterior pituitary is also know as the...
hormones that regulate the male and female repoductive organs are collectively called....
the two lobes of the thyroid gland are connected by the...
the thyroid gland is composed of many... that produce and store thyroid hormone
thyroid follicles
thyroid hormones are structural derivatives of the amino acid
the outer layer of the adrenal land is the
adrenal cortal
the inner portioin of the adrenal gland is the
adrenal medulla
the adrenal cortex produces steroid hormones called...
adrenocorticosteroids or corticosteroids
the elevation of blood glucose levels by growth hormone is called...
diabetogenic effect
... is a general term for the male sex hormone
the... of thyroid hormones enables us to adapt to cold temperatures
calorigenic effect
two hormones that have opposing effects are called...
two hormones that have addictive effects are called
when one hormone is needed for a second hormone to produce an effect it is called...
hormones that produce different but complementary results are called...
any threat to homeostasis represents a form of...
the basic pattern of responses that the body produces is response to stress is called the
GAS--general adaptation syndrome
in studying a group of cells it is noticed that when stimulated by a particular hormone there is a marked increase in the activity of G proteins in the membrane. the hormone being stidied is probably...
a peptide
increased levels of phosphodiesterase in target cells would decrease the activity of...
decerased levels of parathormone could result in...
damage to cells pf the zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex would result in...
decreased ability to convert lipids to glucose
transection pf the infundibulum would result in a lack of whhich hormone (s)...
diabetes insipidus is caused by decreased levels of
increased blood calcium levels would result in increased
secretion of calcitonin
cortisol is released from
adrenal cortex
which of the following hornones is considered a glucocorticoid
the level of sodium in the blood is regulated by the secretion of
which disease results when the adrenal cortex produces too much hormone?
cushing syndrome
which of the following hormones promotes renal excretion of sodium and water
atrial natriuretic hormone
which of the following glands has both and endocrine and an exocrine function
which hormone will decrease blood glucose levles?
which hormone is mis-matched
which of the following is a gonadotropic hormone?
a woman with a beard most likely has a malfunctioning...
adrenal cortex
too much urine indicate to...
little ADH
the master gland of the body is the
anterior pituitary
which of hte following hormones requires iodine
weakened bones can result from an oversecretion of...
parathyroid gland
absence ofthe parathyroid hormone causes
tetany (convulsions)
which of the following hormones will not use cAMP to cause a cellular effect?