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  1. Olfactory bulb
  2. Cerebral spinal fluid
  3. fMRI
  4. Meninges
  5. Brodmann areas
  1. a the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose.
  2. b Functional magnetic resonance imaging- Has a good temporal. (time) Quick results.
  3. c are on the surface and are based on cytoarchitectural descriptions.
  4. d clear colorless fluid made by a structure in our ventricles referred to as Choroid Plexus. Circulated in the brain and the spinal cord. Features of CSF-acts as a cusion
  5. e A structure of layers that cover and protect the brain and spinal cord.

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  1. open space, potential space. There is a potential space between the dural matter and the skull.
  2. the sulcus that separates the parietal from the occipital lobe.
  3. A portion of dural matter that separates the hemispheres of the cerebellum.
  4. the 2nd layer of Meninges. Thin and a non vascular membrane. Located between sub-dural matter and sub arachnoid.
  5. (Dr. Cajal) each neuron is a separate and and independent cell.

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  1. Peripheral Nervous systemthe brain and the spinal cord. 30 cm in length.
    Does not go all the way down it stops at L1


  2. 7 layers protecting the brain1. Skull
    2. Epidural
    3. Dural matter
    4. Sub Dural
    5. Arachnoid
    6. Sub Arachnoid (CSF-cerebral spinal fluid)
    7. Pia matter
    Then the brain. So the brain is well protected!


  3. Corpus callosmA ________ exists on the Primary motor cortex/Precentral gyrus. Maps out the location of motor activity. Positioned anterior.


  4. operculumspaces, areas


  5. Prosencephalon1 of the 3 vesicles of the new embryo at 4th-5th week. Makes the inferior part of the brain ( forebrain )


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