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  1. Olfactory bulb
  2. Prosencephalon
  3. Arachnoid
  4. Stays
  5. Neuron doctrine
  1. a (Dr. Cajal) each neuron is a separate and and independent cell.
  2. b At 5-7 weeks the ___________ becomes the Telencephalon ( basal ganglia, limbic lobe, cerebral hemispheres.) & the Diencephalon ( thalamus and hypothalamus )
  3. c At 5-7 weeks the Mesencephalon ____________
  4. d the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose.
  5. e the 2nd layer of Meninges. Thin and a non vascular membrane. Located between sub-dural matter and sub arachnoid.

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  1. the sulcus that separates the parietal from the occipital lobe.
  2. All parts of both plants and animals are made from cells or are products of cells
  3. the study of the embryo. after 7 weeks it is referred to as a fetus.
  4. At 5-7 weeks the __________________ becomes the Metencephalon (cerebellem & pons) and the Myelencephalon (medulla oblongata)
  5. Space at the bottom of the arachnoid that actually contains the cerebral spinal fluid CSF. Sub means below.

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  1. Process before the vesiclesStarts as a neural grove, then becomes a neural tube then becomes the 3 vesicles. Small spherical structures.


  2. Corpus callosmtissue, white matter that connects the right cerebral hemisphere to the left.


  3. Olfactory tractthe first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose.


  4. Cranial Nervesseparates the parietal lobe from the frontal lobe. Almost 2 cm deep.


  5. Rhombencephalon1 of the 3 vesicles of the new embryo at 4th-5th week. Makes the inferior part of the brain ( forebrain )