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  1. Rhombencephalon
  2. Olfactory bulb
  3. Mesencephalon
  4. Fontanella
  5. fMRI
  1. a soft spot between the bones of the skull in an infant. Where the bones have not yet grown together.
  2. b Functional magnetic resonance imaging- Has a good temporal. (time) Quick results.
  3. c 1 of the 3 vesicles of the new embryo at the 4th - 5th week. Makes the midbrain.
  4. d At 5-7 weeks the __________________ becomes the Metencephalon (cerebellem & pons) and the Myelencephalon (medulla oblongata)
  5. e the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose.

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  1. the brain and the spinal cord. 30 cm in length.
    Does not go all the way down it stops at L1
  2. A small fissure. Depressions, grooves or valleys on the surface that help us differentiate between different pasts of a lobe.
  3. increased water of the brain. People with Hydrocephaly generate a lot of fluid and their system does not recycle or use it.
  4. are on the surface and are based on cytoarchitectural descriptions.
  5. Smell. Does not pass through the Thalamus ( sensory gateway of the brain) A part of the Limbic system (emotion of the brain) Smell stimulates emotion. Olfaction is 1 of 2 chemosensory perception

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  1. Rhombencephalon1 of the 3 vesicles of the new embryo at 4th-5th week. Makes the hindbrain.


  2. Pia matterThe 3rd layer of Meninges and closest to the brain. It is a thin and transparent layer made of collagenous connective tissue. Sitting on the surface of the brain with no space.


  3. Calcarine fissurea fissure positioned at the medial surface of the occipital lobe. Inside. It separates the visual cortex into the upper and lower operculum


  4. 3 vesiclesA structure of layers that cover and protect the brain and spinal cord.


  5. EmbryologyFunctional magnetic resonance imaging- Has a good temporal. (time) Quick results.