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  1. Cerebral spinal fluid
  2. Ventricular System
  3. Pia matter
  4. Gyrus
  5. Precentral gyrus
  1. a convolution or elevation or the cerebral. Serves as landmarks
  2. b system of interconnecting internal cavities filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  3. c clear colorless fluid made by a structure in our ventricles referred to as Choroid Plexus. Circulated in the brain and the spinal cord. Features of CSF-acts as a cusion
  4. d The 3rd layer of Meninges and closest to the brain. It is a thin and transparent layer made of collagenous connective tissue. Sitting on the surface of the brain with no space.
  5. e positioned anterior to central sulcus.

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  1. a fissure positioned at the medial surface of the occipital lobe. Inside. It separates the visual cortex into the upper and lower operculum
  2. a portion of the brain around the central sulcus. a small lobe that contains precentral and postcentral gyri in the sulcus.
  3. "tough mother" outermost layer of Meninges-closest to the skull. leather-like membrane attached to the inner surface of the skull.
  4. Magnetic resonance imaging. Has a better resolution than CAT SCAN. Regular X rays are not sensitive to soft tissue.
  5. 1 of the 3 vesicles of the new embryo at the 4th - 5th week. Makes the midbrain.

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  1. Cell theorythe study of the embryo. after 7 weeks it is referred to as a fetus.


  2. 3 vesiclesThe 4th-5th week after conception the brain of the embryo has ________.


  3. Parietal occipital sulcusthe sulcus that separates the parietal from the occipital lobe.


  4. OlfactionSmell. Does not pass through the Thalamus ( sensory gateway of the brain) A part of the Limbic system (emotion of the brain) Smell stimulates emotion. Olfaction is 1 of 2 chemosensory perception


  5. Cortexconvolution or elevation or the cerebral. Serves as landmarks