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Flight Engineer Written Turbojet (FEJ) Only Current as of Spring 2011. Questions, answers, and detailed explanations. For test prep you can skip the question card when it uses the word 'explained'. Also many words are written especially numbers. This is so that the speech engine on quizlet pronounces the cards correctly. An example might be 29.92 would be written as two niner decimal niner two. Instead of / I use 'forward slash'. I find the speech engine to be valuable in pro…

Authorized max takeoff weight of a transport airplane when less than the max certificated weight is a factor which

varies with runway length elevation and ambient temperature

PIC emergency authority to exclude from flight deck

Any person in the interest of safety

AC at FL390 when must flight crewmember put on and use O2 mask?

When one pilots leaves the flight deck the other pilot must use a mask but other crewmembers need not

Training for particular variation of airplane

Differences training

Respiration hypoxia decompression training on AC operated above

operated above twenty five thousand feet

CFR part 1 defintes flightcrewmember

engineer navigator or pilot assigned to duty in an airplane during flight time

Which flight crewmembers may leave their station during CRUISE to perform normal duties?

Either pilot or the flight engineer but only one at a time

Common Carriage Not Involved?

Part one twenty five

CVR and flight data recorders may not be used

determining any certificate action or civil penalty arising out of an accident or occurrence

AC requiring FEX can be operated Part 91 only during

Test flight

PAX seated in cabin of all-cargo AC

PIC may authorize the pax to be admitted to the crew compartment

which flight engineer applicants may complete the entire initial flight check in an approved simulator

applicants who posess a commercial pilot certificate with instrument category and class ratings

each air carrier flight deck crewmember must be provided with quick-donning type O2 mask when operating at flight altitudes above

flight level two five zero

CVR operated continuously from the start of

the use of the checklist to completion of the final checklist at the termination of the flight

Flight Recorder records 5 things

Vertical Acceleration

Flight Time Limit Flat Ops require two pilots and at least one addictional flight crewmember

one thousand hours during any twelve calendar month period

AC operated under CFR 91 when carrying pax or cargo only WHEN:

operator has an L.D.A. (Letter of Deviation Authority) issued under C F R Part 125

How many hours delay is recommended before going to flight altitudes of up to 8000 feet after scuba diving without controlled ascent (nondecompression stop)?

twelve hours

greater than flight level two five zero the flight engineer quick donning oxygen equipment must be located ______

must be located within immediate reach of duty station

Information recorded by CVR may be erased no less than what time period?

30 minutes after recording

the flight engineer may perform maintenance function under C F R Part one twenty five?

Replenish hydraulic fluid in accordance with FAR's and certificate holder's manuals

flight engineer Part one twenty one Flag no greater than ___ hours in ____ consecutive days

no greater than three hundred hours in any ninety consecutive days

Duty and rest period rules for domestic air carrier require that a flight crewmember

not be assigned to any duty with the air carrier during a required rest period

temp certificate effective for

120 days

ground for revocation of an FEX certificate

transportation of depressant or stimulant drugs

FEX incapacitated who may perform duties during an IFR flight conducted under CFR part 121?

either pilot but only if qualified to perform flight engineer functions

FEX revoked - you may not apply for the same type of certificate for

1 year after date of revocation

Flight engineer operating under Part 121 must receive recurrent training on

emergency operation of all airplane flight systems within the preceding 12 calendar months

Min operating experience for turbojet AC with common carriage?

12 Hours Supervised Initial Operating Experience

Flight Engineer notices in-flight mechanical irregularity - who is responsible for maintenance log entry?

Pilot In Command

Unless suspended or revoked a flight engineer certificate

is issued without a specific expiration date

A flight crewmember nonessential activity that is authorized

Pointing out sights of interest to passengers while descending through 12000

Flight Engineer operating experience required by Part 121 may be reduced to ____ % of the hours required by the substitution of ____ additional takeoff and ____ additional landing for each ____ of flight

reduced to 50% of the hours required by the substitution of one additional takeoff and landing for each hour of flight

How does deadhead transportation affect the computation of flight time limits for air carrier flight crewmembers? It is

not considered as part of any required rest period

Crewmember Certificate may be issued by the FAA to flight crewmembers on US registered aircraft engaged in

international air commerce

FEX gets medical august 25 2010

good until august 31 2011

FEX wants to fly right seat (SIC)

needs "Upgrade training"

Nonessential conversation below 10000 feet allowed/not allowed?

Nonessential conversation is not allowed below 10,000 feet

person with physical deficiency under the standards of CFR part 67 for their medical certificate

may not perform flight engineer duties

Part 121 Flag Flight Limit for FEX where only one FEX is required

120 hours during any 30 consecutive days

Refuse drug or alcohol test results when requested by FAA inspector grounds for

revocation of flight engineer and pilot certificates

Never served on turbojet you need

Never served on a turbojet the type of training you require is Initial training

Use a fax copy of lost or destroyed medical for __ days

fax copies valid for sixty days

certificate issued to crewmembers of U.S. air carriers engaged in international air commerce?

a crewmember certificate issued by FAA

Pilot-in-command or Second-in-command used to satisfy experience requirements for Flight Engineer must have been obtained on what type of aircraft?

a transport category aircraft or equivalent military aircraft

Limitation regarding Flight Engineer deadheading back to his Base is that it ____ be considered part of ____ _____

cannot be considered part of required rest

if you violate federal or state drug statutes

if you violate statues it could result in suspension or revocation of any certificate or rating held

Air Carrier flight requires FEX one flight crewmember must be qualified to provide emergency performance of the FE function - crew member is REQUIRED/NOT REQUIRED to have flight engineer certificate?

the crew member is NOT required to have a flight engineer certificate

Limitation of Part 121 domestic Flight Engineer flight time limit in any calendar month is ____ hours in any ____ ____

flight time limit in any calendar month is 100 hours in any calendar month

The posession of which combination of certificates permits an airman to perform as a flight engineer?

posession of a temporary flight engineer certificate and a second-class medical certificate

Flight engineers may perform maintenance on Part 121 aircraft when?

flight engineers may perform maintenance on Part 121 Aircraft when they hold an appropriate mechanic certificate have completed an approved training program and are authorized by the certificate holder

Lose your FEX certificate you can use a ____ for ____ days

you can use a facsimile copy from Oklahoma City for sixty days

Issuance of Flight Engineer certificate requires

a valid 1st or 2nd class medical certificate

Grounds for revoking any airman certificate or rating held by a flight engineer

any Alteration of their flight engineer certificate

During the last ____ calendar months crewmembers must have completed training programs on HAZMAT and magnetized materials

training must have been completed during the last 12 calendar months

Which of the following is true regarding flight engineer emergency evacuation duties?

The Duties will be described in air carrier's FOM

Flight Engineer recency of experience requirements

Pass the certificate holder or F.A.A. check for that type airplane or have at least 50 hours of flight time on that type airplane within the preceding 6 calendar months

Flight time limitations for Part 121 domestic operations require that a flight engineer be ____ of all duty for at least _____ consecutive hours in any ____ consecutive days

relieved of all duty for at least 24 consecutive hours in any 7 consecutive days

Minimum Equipment List indicates required items which

may be inoperative for a flight beyond a terminal point

Megaphone's required with passengers equal to or greater than one hundred are _ up front and _ in the back that a Flight Attendant can quickly access

one up front and one in the back that a flight attendant can quickly access

Interior Emergency Exit Lights must be checked for Operation. C.F.R.'s require that these lights must be ___ manually from the ____ ____ and the _____ ____

be operable manually from the flightcrew station and the passenger compartment

Gear warning associated with flap position _____ be cancelled

cannot be cancelled

What determines the minimum number of hand fire extinguishers located in the passenger compartments?

passenger seating capacit, number of galleys, and their location

supplemental oxygen requirements when a flight is operated at or below Flight Level 2 5 0 is dependent upon the Aircraft's capability to make an emergency descent to a flight altitude of ____ feet within ___ minutes

descent to a flight altitude of 14,000 feet within four minutes

cargo in the pax compartment may be carried in approved cargo bins if located

anywhere in the passenger compartment

which documents are required to be carried aboard each domestic air carrier flight conducted under C.F.R. Part one twenty one

dispatch release
load manifest
flight plans

when only one megaphone is required where must it be located?

must be located at the most rearward location in the passenger compartment

above what cabin altitude must Oxygen be provided for all persons during the entire flight

All crewmembers must be provided above twelve thousand feet and all passengers must be provided oxygen above fifteen thousand feet

required information on dispatch release for a DOMESTIC air carrier

the minimum fuel supply

fireproof means that the material withstands the heat of fire as well as ______


aircraft requires a third gyroscopic bank-and-pitch indicator - what failsafe must exist

a power source must provide reliable operation for 30 minutes after total failure of the electrical generating system

who can replace a seatblet under Part ninety one by a Letter of Deviation Authority from Part one twenty five?

any person designated in writing by the maintenance organization and arranged by the certificate holder to perform maintenance

aircraft has a fuel leak. which publication should be consulted?

the Manufacturer's Manual

Flight Recorder required on which aircraft?

all Part one twenty one and part one twenty five

What event will cause the Emergency Exit Lights to become Illuminated?

the Interruption of aircraft normal electrical power

Indication of corrosion below aluminum is described as?

small dark grey lumps

Arm Interior Emergency Exit Lights during ___, ______, and ______

during taxiing, takeoff, and landing

You get _____ seconds to don and use your oxygen mask

you get 5 seconds

After ignition source removed what class of material will not propagate a flame beyond safe limits?

class of materials described as Flame Resistant

aircraft required to be equipped with a ground proximity warning system and Glide Slope Deviation Alerting System are ____ - powered airplanes only

are Turbine-powered airplanes only

Part one twenty one. A third artificial horizon system must be _____ without ____ after failure of the electrical generating system

MUST be operational without selection after failure of the electrical generating system

You can put cargo aft of the rearmost seated passenger only if the cargo is ____ in an approved ___ ____

only if the cargo is carried in an approved cargo bin

If you put emergency equipment in an air carrier airplane it must be ____ ___ to indicate its method of operations

it must be clearly marked to indicate its method of operation

the second megaphone is required. Where will it be located?

At the forward end of the passenger compartment.

vortex generators prevent ____ _____ _____

prevent shock induced seperation

name a sweptback wings phenomenon

dutch roll

sweepback helps

increase critical Mach number

outboard ailerons help during

low speed operations

during flight with zero angle of attack the pressure along upper surface of the wing will be _____ atmospheric pressure

pressure will be less than atmospheric pressure

Angle of attack is increased, what will happen to the Center of pressure? It will move ____

The center of pressure will move forward

disadvantage of sweptback design vs straight wing design is the extremely powerful tendency for the wing to stall ___ ___ which compromises ____ control

for the wing to stall tip first which compromises aileron control

cause of airplane to slip when entering a turn

too much bank without enough rudder

use of a slot in the leading edge of the wing enables an airplane to land at a slower

enables an airplane to land at a slower airspeed

Name the most adverse affect on the aircraft caused by rain?

The water film roughened by impact of raindrops

centrifugal force counterbalanced by a ______ of the lift on the ______

by a portion of the lift on the wing

skid occurs when too ___ ______ is used

too much rudder

angle between chord line and longitudinal axis is

the angle between chord line and longitudinal axis is angle of incidence

when you trim nose-right and wing-up trim, the right aileron trim tab will move ____ , and the rudder tab wil move to the ____

the right aileron trim tabe will will move up, and the rudder tab will move to the left

constant mach cruise control procedure means thrust is _____ as aircraft weight decreases

thrust is reduced as aircraft weight decreases

What is the primary source of directional stability for an airplane?

Vertical Tail

Mean Aerodynamic Chord definition

chord of an imaginary airfoil which has the same aerodynamic characteristics as the actual airfoil

V one V R, and V two are ________ airspeeds. Answers are either calibrated, or indicated, or true airspeeds

V one, V R, and V two are indicated airspeeds

dihedral agnle increases _______ stability

dihedral increases lateral stability

When will power applications cause the greatest change in airplane trim and stability?

When on a power approach at low airspeeds

Disadvantage of wing mounted vortex generator

Increased drag (slightly) at low airspeed

True airspeed is determined by correcting equivalent airspeed for the _________ variation from the______ value at sea level.

True airspeed is determined by correcting equivalent airspeed for the air-density variation from the standard value at sea level.

Speed of sound varies with the ______ _______

Speed of sound varies with the Air Temperature

Climbing AC: TAS will _______ as the temperature decreases

TAS will decrease as the temperature decreases

Mach Number defined as the ratio of _____ to the ____ of _____

the ratio of true airspeed to the speed of sound

Stabilizer and Elevator are located at the top of the vertical fin, what is the disadvantage?

disadvantage is that it requires more mass due to a heavier structure

Absolute Ceiling Definition

Zero Rate of Climb

Straight wing versus Sweptback. The Sweptback wing has the advantage of _____ critical _____ ______

the advantage of higher critical MACH number

Transonic Range is Mach _ . _ _ to ___ . ___ __

Transonic Range is Mach zero point seven five to one point two zero

Shock-induced seperation of airflow occuring symmetrically near the wing root of a swept back wing may result in a ____ _____ _____, due to the center of pressure moving aft on the wing and a decrease of downwash on the horizontal tail

a severe diving moment, due to the center of pressure moving aft

What must happen to true airspeed (increase or decrease) to maintain the same Angle of attack in level flight, when the air density changes?

True airspeed must increase when the air density decreases

When does pressure altitude equal density altitude? at _____ temperature

at standard temperature

what is the most prevalent conditions for engine icing?

Low-engine speed during ground operations

OAT increases during a flight at constant power and indicated altitude, the TAS will ____ and the true altitude will _____

the true airspeed will increase and the true altitude will increase

Tropopause higher in the ____ than in the _____

higher in the summer than in the winter

What atmospheric cndx will decrease air density?

Decreasing ppp

What atmospheric cndx wchange will cause an increase in air density

increased ppp will cause an increase in air density

eye kay oh standard temperature for five thousand feet equals____ degrees Celsius or ____ Fahrenheit

Standard temperature at sea level is fifteen degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature decreases two degrees centigrade per one thousand feet so five thousand feet calculation is sea level temperature minus ten degrees celsius or fifteen minus ten equals five degrees centigrade

What is the relationship between altitudes when the altimeter setting is higher than standard while flying at fifteen thousand feet indicated altitude?

Indicated altitude is higher than pressure altitude

In flight condition necessary for structural icing to form is?

visible water such as supercooled rain or cloud droplets

in-flight condition necessary for structural Icing to form is

visible moisure

Under-inflation of tires causes tread to wear

tread will be worn away more on the shoulders than in the center

Inboard Ailerons used during ___-____ and ___-_____ flight

Low-speed and high-speed flight

altimeter set to 29.92 at FL/MSL/AGL?

eighteen thousand feet feet MSL

Altimeter set to 28.92 instead of 28.82 - actual altitude will be ______ than indicated by ____ feet

one hundred feet lower than indicated

Altimeter set to 29.82 instead of 28.82 AC will be ____ feet ____ than indicated

aircraft will be thousand feet lower than indicated

Supplemental oxygen requirements pressurized air carrier transport airplanes for each crew-member how much is required?

A minimum of two hours supply

When should altimeters be set to the current reported setting of a station along the route?

Below eighteen thousand feet MSL and the barometric ppp is less than thirty one inches

FEX required to remain at FE panel with seatbelt fastened during ___, ___, ____ and __

during takeoff, climbs, descents, and landing

approximate altimeter indication after failing to reset local barometric ppp of 30.57 after descending from FL250 to a field elevation of 650'?

The altimeter indication changes 10 feet for each 0.01" Hg selected. The indication will decrease as you select lower settings and increase with higher settings. A change from 29.92 to 30.57 is a change of 0.65" Hg. (65 * 10 = 650') Therefore, the altimeter will indicate 650 feet low in this case. Since the field elevation is 650 feet, the altimeter will indicate (+650 - 650) sea level.

ATIS broadcasts updated upon ____ of any _____ ____, regardless of content change or reported values

Upon receipt of any official weather, regardless of content change or reported values

Chines deflect ___ or ____ ____ from the engine intakes

Chines deflect water or slush away from the engine intakes

Flashing Red Light Gun Signal from the tower indicates that

Vehicles or personnel should clear the taxiway

Compressor Stall Recovery

Reduce thrust lever then slowly advance thrust lever again to decrease the angle of attack on one or more compressor blades

cockpit voice recorder data kept in the event of an accident or occurrence resulting in termination of the flight for what period of time?

60 days

Highest Ambient Temperature that ice is likely to form in the engine inlet?

Visibly Moist Air and plus forty five degrees Fahrenheit

Start Sequence I T T about to exceed temp limit, what should you do?

Shut off the fuel

Declare an emergency on Frequency ____ ____ ___ ___

The one in use

Minimum amount of fuel should remain after jettisoning with the main fuel control? 45 minutes at

º 23.1001 - For turbine engine powered airplanes, the jettisoning system must be designed so that it is not possible to jettison fuel in the tanks used for takeoff and landing below the level allowing climb from sea level to 10,000 feet and thereafter allowing 45 minutes cruise at a speed for maximum range.

EPR indication increase falsely if the Pt probe at the engine nose dome opening ices up?

If anti-ice is ON, but insufficient power has been used to provide adequate heat to the Pt2 probes for proper deicing, initial thrust settings may appear to decrease once the takeoff roll has begun, as increasing bleed air temperatures melt snow, or ice blockage of the Pt2 sensor inlet. As the probes become unblocked, artificially high EPR reading may decrease to actual values.

During start sequence ITT about to exceed limit you must...

Shut off the fuel immediately during the start sequence if the ITT attempts to exceed the temperature limit.
Leave the starter turning to provide cooling airflow through the engine.

smoke in the cockpit - oxygen diluter setting should be set to _____ __

should be set to 100%

Weight Multiplied by arm divided by the Reduction Factor is the formula used to determine

formula used to determine index units

For an airplane with a given gross weight and constant cruise speed, what is the relationship between fuel flow, temperature, and altitude? Fuel flow is higher when:

temperature is increased and altitude is decreased

Which factor is most significant when determining the optimum cruise altitude available?

Gross weight of the airplane at the beginning of the cruse.

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