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Ursa Major

contains Big Dipper , two outside stars on dipper point to the North Star, used to find other constellations in the sky

Ursa Minor

little dipper,contains North Star ,North Star is the only visible star in little dipper

Queen Cassiopeia

named for ethopian queen , looks like disturted m or w

King Cephus

named after Cassiopeia's husband ,located on opposite of North Star , contains gamma cephi


daughter of Cephus and Cassiopeia , tethered to a rock to be eaten by a whale


killed the whale and saved Andromeda, looks like holding a sword contains star- Algol


contains star- Regulus and -Sikle


contains stars -Castor and- Pallux


brightest constellation, you can see sword , club , sheild and belt , contains stars - Betelgeuse and -Rigel and has the Great Nebula


you can see long horns and red eyes ,contains stars -Aldebaron and-Pleides


contains star -Antares


amed bow and arrow pointed at Sorpius, groups of stars form a 4 sided called Milk Dipper or Tea pot inside Sagitarus


has body of a horse and head ,chest ,arms of a human,contians stars - Beta Centauri and- Alpha Centauri

Southern Cross

the upright bar is in line with the south axis on the earth

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