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1) The _________ plateau is the heart of the Indian subcontinent.
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7) What is the smallest nation in Asia?Maldives8) Which Southeast Asian country is the only one that remained free of European colonialism?Thailand9) What is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia?Laos10) Which Communist organization took over Cambodia in 1975 and proceeded to commit human rights atrocities?Khmer Rouge11) Which country invaded Cambodia in 1978 to rid it of the Khmer Rouge?Vietnam12) Which Communist leader defeated the French in 1954?Ho Chi Minh13) What is the largest country of Southeast Asia?Indonesia14) Which European country controlled the Philippines for much of modern history?Spain15) Which Communist leader defeated the Nationalist Chinese Army and established the People's Republic of China?Mao Zedong16) In 1989 where did students in Beijing unsuccessfully protest for greater freedoms from the communists?Tiananmen Square17) "The Roof of the World" is the nickname of which Chinese region?Tibet22) What language did the Dutch colonists speak?Afrikaans25) What word indentifies two or more combines clans?Tribe26) What is the belief that all things have a spirit and that these spirits exercise great control over the world?Animism29) Which country was the first black republic in Africa?Liberia48) What is the area of the Pacific called that experiences numerous and regular earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity?Ring of Fire51) Which major river cuts through the northern part of Vietnam, emptying into the Gulf of Tonkin?Hong River54) What desert dominates southern Mongolia?Gobi Desert18) By what name do the Japanese refer to their country?Nippon19) What is the name of the ancient warriors who protected the estates of Japanese feudal lords?Samurai warriors20) Which islands colony was founded by the British but reverted to China in 1997?Hong Kong21) By what name were the original Dutch farmers in South Africa known?Boers30) What is the smallest country on the African continent?Gambia31) Which city is the westernmost point in Africa?Dakar, Senegal49) What does the name Buddha mean?enlightened one50) What is the name of the major river forming the border between Laos and Thailand?Mekong River52) What are the two main rivers of China?Huang He, Chang Jiang53) Who succeeded Mao Zedong as China's dictator ?Deng Xiaoping54) What dessert dominates southern Mongolia ?Gobi Dessert57) What is the highest mountain in Japan?Mt. Fuji56) What is the name given to the border seperating North Korea and South Korea?Demilitarized zone (DMZ)55) What is North Korea's official name?Democratic People's Republic of Korea58) What body of water separates Japan from the Korean Peninsula?Korean Straight32) What is the dominant religion of Northern Africa?Islam33) Which country of the Sahel has a sea coast?Mauritania (The Moors live in this region w/ access to shipping and fishing service)34) For what commodity did traders in the Sahel gladly trade gold for?Salt (The Mali controlled the trade of gold for salt across Sahel)35) Which city is the capital and largest city of Libya?Tripoli38) Koalas get all their water and nourishment from ____ leaves .Eucalyptus36) What is the name of the largest minority of Christians who have lived in Egypt since shortly after the time of Christ?Coptic Christians37) What is the name of the transitional region between the Sahara and the jungles of Central Africa?Sahel39) Australia was the first settled as a ____________ colonyBritish40) The low area west of the Great Dividing Range is the __________________.Central Lowlands41) What is Australia's for ranches?Station42) The earliest known settlers of Australia was the __________Aboriginal people43) What famous Indian leader led the protests against British power after WW1?Mahatma Gandhi44) the ruined city of ____________ along the Indus river flourished from 2500 to 1700 BC.Mohenjo-Daro45) The most important river in India is the _____Ganges46) The highest mountain in the world is ______Mt. Everest47) The highest mountain range on the earth is _____Himalayas59) In what section of Beijing did emperors once live?Forbidden City60) What are the names of the two major deserts of Africa, one in the north and one in the south?Sahara and Kalahari61) Which two leaders, one black and one white, negotiated an end to South Africa's policy of racial segregation?Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk62) After whom did Livingstone name the waterfall that he discovered in Zimbabwe?Queen Victoria63) What two rivers form the Nile River?Blue Nile and White Nile64) Which competing tribes in Rwanda have warred against each other repeatedly, most recently in 1994, resulting in the loss of approximately 800,000 lives?Hutus and Tutsis65) What plain in Africa has more large land animals than any other place on earth?Serengeti Plain66) Because of its shape, what is the wide Somali Peninsula on the east side of Africa called?Horn of Africa67) What is the greatest river in Central Africa?Congo River68) What is the name of the world's largest desert?Sahara Desert69) What narrow body of water separates Morocco from Europe?Strait of Gibraltar70) Which famous dam was built on the Nile River in Egypt in 1970?Aswan High Dam71) Which man-made waterway links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea?Suez Canal72) What mountain range consists of a fifteen-hundred-mile chain and lies along the northwest coast of Africa?Atlas Mountains73) Name the complex of low mountains, plateaus, and hills running parallel to Australia's east coast.Great Dividing Range74) Australia's highest point is this peak in the Australian Alps.Mount Kosciusko75) The ________ in the interior of Western Australia contains one of the richest iron ore reserves in the world.Hamersley Range76) Identify and describe three of Australia's unique exotic animals.Koala: bear-like marsupial that gets nutrients and water from eucalyptus leaves Kangaroo: raise their young in pouches Emu: second largest bird in the world that can't fly