From Compromise to Conflict Study Guide

_______________ was the publisher of the abolitionist newspaper the Liberator.
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The abolitionist movement grew out of the religious movement known as the __________________.Great AwakeningThe abolitionist novel ___________________, helped turn millions against slavery.Uncle Tom's CabinThe abolitionist__________________ was responsible for the deaths of five pro-slavers in the territory of ________________.John Brown, KansasIn his Supreme Court case _____________ was a slave who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom.Dred Scott__________________ was the first state to secede from the Union.South CarolinaIn 1859, the abolitionist_______________ tried to unsuccessfully raid the federal arsenal at________________, Virginia. He was trying to start a slave revolt.John Brown, Harper FerryThe Southern states began to talk seriously about ______________ when Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.secessionIn 1861, the Civil War began with Southern army bombing _______________, South Carolina.Fort Sumter________________ was an escaped slave, who later became a great speaker and was the publisher of the North Star.Frederick Douglass_______________ was the leader of the Underground Railroad.Harriet TubmanIn 1831, _______________-led a slave revolt in which 55 white men, women, and children were killed.Nat Turner22. Which region of the country had very few cities, less population, less manufacturing, and was mostly rural? ____________SouthernList the parts of the Compromise of 1850 that would've satisfied the North.California admitted as a free state * slave trade banned in Washington D.C.As part of the Compromise of 1820, ____________ entered the Union as a free state.MaineAs part of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, slavery would be banned in the Louisiana Territory north of latitude36 '30.Supporters of the _________________doctrine believe that if a state feels that the laws, passed by Congress, are unconstitutional, the state has the right to not follow the law.states' rightsThe _____________ region's economy depended on trade and manufacturing.NorthernWhat were the Southern states fighting for in the Civil War? ______________________State's rights / "Southern Way of Life"Dred Scott lost his case in the Supreme Court because the Court determined that he could not sue for his freedom because he was considered _____________.propertyBecause of the Dred Scott decision, Congress could _________________ ban slavery in any territory.not