53 terms

Traffic Signs

slow down
be ready to stop
let others go first
there is an airport ahead
bike route
bicycles only
you can camp here
crosswalk pedestrian crossing
slow down
watch for people crossing the street
road curves
slow down
dead end
road ends
road closed
turn here
divided highway
the road has a divider
do not enter
you may not go in
do not pass
do not drive around other cars
don't walk
do not cross the street now
big hill ahead
don't speed
end divided highway
the road does not have a divider
flashing red light
same as stop sign
flashing yellow arrow
slow down
you can turn when it's safe
flashing yellow light
slow down and be careful
green arrow
you can turn in that direction
handicapped/disabled parking
you need a special placard or license plate to park here
there is a hospital ahead
intersection ahead
two roads cross
watch for cars
be ready to stop
lane ends
lane ends
merge into the next lane
left turn only
go left
do not go straight
do not turn right
look for other cars
no left turn
do not turn left here
no parking
do not park here
no pedestrian crossing
do not cross the street here
no right turn
do not turn right here
no turn on red
you cannot turn right when the light is red
no U-turn
do not turn around
one way
traffic only goes one direction
railroad crossing
be ready to stop
red arrow
you cannot turn in that direction
rest area
there is a bathroom ahead
road closed
take a different road
road construction
entering construction zone
slow down
entering road work zone
slow down
drive carefully
school crossing
slow down
watch for children and families crossing the street
go 20 miles per hour
during the day
school zone
slow down
watch for children and families
shoulder work
people are working on the side of the road
drive carefully
slippery when wet
slow down
the road is dangerous when wet
speed limit 50
no faster than 50 miles per hour
do not speed
speed limit 65
no faster than 65 miles per hour
do not speed
don't go
traffic light
yield caution
two way traffic
drive on the right side
you can turn your car around
turn around
slow down
you can cross the street now
winding road
drive carefully
slow down
workers ahead
slow down
drive carefully
wrong way
do not go this way