World History Vocab: Word Wall 1

A set of strict laws that segregated and discriminated against the native or colored people of South Africa.
nelson mandela
He was a man who was opposed to the teachings of apartheid and segregation in South Africa, resisting then first peacefully and then violently when his actions weren't heard. He was then sent to jail for a life long sentence, yet many black people still looked up to him for hope. In 1990 he was released from jail, and he was then elected president of the ANC in 1991 by the first universal vote
african national congress (ANC)
The oldest multiracial organization in South Africa which worked hard to earn equal rights for the black native community by protesting against the government through peaceful and violent means.
The separation of groups or people into isolation or simply apart from another group, specifically seen through racism.
To differentiate and occasionally prejudice against various groups of people and occasionally show favoritism over one or another
A system where on is born or places into a social status or class depending mainly on race, wealth, or birth
The act of being prejudiced against a certain race often involving segregation, discrimination, or persecution.
civil disobedience
Resisting or working against something or someone in a polite or courteous manner rather than a rude or violent one
declaration of human rights
A declaration adopted by the United Nations to give rights to every human on the planet. These rights include the right to life, political rights, freedom of religion, and economic rights
hendrik verwoerd
He was a South African political leader who believed strongly in white power who used his power in many non-civil forms and was eventually assassinated for his evil works.
A group of people who congregate and settle in a relatively new area, often still ruled by their native land
It is the small town where on March 21, 1960 the African police shot and killed many natives who were rebelling against the Pass Law, which rid them of many rights. 178 people were injured or killed during the massacre