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It is surprising how often people with very different personalities turn out to be compatible when they get to know one another.


It was difficult for us to believe that such a suave and cultured gentleman was a member of a gang of international jewel thieves.


In spite of all the elaborate safety precautions, I couldn't help feeling a little apprehensive as I set out for my first skydiving lesson.


.Political candidates who do nothing but deride their opponents' character and abilities may alienate voters.


The multifarious problems that will face America's Presidents in the
twenty-first century will make their job one of the most demanding in the world.


So there I was, having accepted invitations to two different parties on the same evening. What a quandary to be in!


Simple apathy seems to be the main reason such a large percentage of those eligible to vote fail to cast ballots in any election.


think that the phrase "on its last legs" is an apt description of that decrepit old house down the block.


I trust you will never have the experience of trying to cross the desert with a recalcitrant mule that wants to remain where it is.


From all his growling and snapping, you would think our beagle felt a personal animosity toward every other dog on the block.


Although I was unable to visit my old friend's widow in person, I offered my condolences in a heartfelt letter.


If you think of all the different kinds of food that human beings are able to consume, you will realize that we are truly an omnivorous species.


to overcome her parsimonious inclinations, she finally reached into her pocket and handed me one thin dime!


The board of directors voted to commend him for the skill and enthusiasm with which he had managed the charity drive.


"Today," said the speaker, "we consecrate this monument to the memory of all those who fought and died in defense of their country."


Now that I am a senior, it is hard to believe that I was ever as innocent and ingenuous as the members of the new freshman class.


Technology changes so rapidly that a particular computer may be state-of-the-art one day and obsolete the next.


If we increase our tariff rates on the goods of other countries, we can be sure that they will raise their own rates in reprisal.


Throughout the hot, dusty journey, we reveled in the thought that soon we would be swimming in the cool lake.


In totalitarian regimes, censorship and violence are often employed to suppress criticism and stultify dissent.


an all-devouring sense of curiosity


cruel acts of revenge


entrusted to the care of friends


caught in a hopeless predicament


welcome expressions of sympathy


jeered at by the protesters


by like-minded friend


too naive to question others' motives


rejected the author's outmoded theories


a shocking display of rancor

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