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Judy Moody Declares Independence

City where story takes place.
Bean Town
A nick name for Boston
State in which Boston is located
Famous people born in Boston
Ben Franklin & Paul Revere
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
The Liberty Tree
Where people stood to make speeches about Freedom.
British Cut it down
What happened to the Liberty Tree?
My Country Tis of Thee
Was first sung at the Park Street Church
John Hancock
First to sign the Declaration of Independence
Bale of Tea
What Judy and Stink threw off the "Beaver"
Victoria (Tori)
Girl from England that Judy first met on the ship "Beaver"
Bonjour Bunny
Charecter that Tori collected and was "Freaky for"
term for "bad mood" that Tori's mom used.
Judy Moody's Declaration of Independence
What did Judy wright when she got home?
Seven (7)
The number of rights in Judy Moody's declaration of Independence
Paul Revere's Ride
The Poem Mr. Todd read during readingcircle time on the day judy returned from her trip to Boston.
Sybil Ludington
the "girl Paul Revere"
Sugar packets
what Tori sent Judy from London.
Boston Tub Party
Judy, Stink, Rocky and Frank protested like the Boston tea party but in the Moody's tub.
What happened the day of Judy's Book report
Stink fell asleep and did not get off the bus with Judy.
When Judy returned home from rescuing Stink
she was sent to her room before she could explain why they were late!
They Appologized to Judy
What Mr. & Mrs. Moody did after Stink told them about falling asleep on the bus.
More Allowance
Judy's reward at the end of the story.