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  1. exposition
  2. resolution
  3. metaphor
  4. narrator
  5. plot
  1. a makes a comparison by saying one thing is another.
  2. b the person telling the story
  3. c a series of events in a story.
  4. d the story comes to an interesting and satisfying conclusion, the story wraps up or comes to an end.
  5. e the characters, setting and a hint of the conflict are introduced.

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  1. a comparison that stretches a fact beyond what is actual or true, often for humorous effect.
  2. uses the words like or as to compare two things.
  3. statements about the events or facts of the passage.
  4. word that has the opposite meaning of another word.
  5. the part of the plot where the conflict is growing

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  1. question and answerasking a series of questions followed by answers either given by the author or others.


  2. suffixan affix that comes after the root.


  3. propagandawords that appeal to any of the five senses. Appealing to the reader's sense of smell, taste, touch, seeing or hearing.


  4. cause and effectencouraging readers to go along with everyone else


  5. prefixan affix that comes before the root.