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  1. synonym
  2. exposition
  3. antonym
  4. simile
  5. cause and effect
  1. a showing how one event leads to another
  2. b uses the words like or as to compare two things.
  3. c the characters, setting and a hint of the conflict are introduced.
  4. d words that have similar meanings.
  5. e word that has the opposite meaning of another word.

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  1. a message that the author is trying to get across.
  2. words that can mean more than one thing.
  3. makes a comparison by saying one thing is another.
  4. a comparison that gives human qualities to animals, objects, or ideas.
  5. asking a series of questions followed by answers either given by the author or others.

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  1. compare and contrastshowing how one event leads to another


  2. prefixan affix that comes after the root.


  3. propagandawriting that twists the truth in some way


  4. fictionto look quickly over the passage for something


  5. conflicta struggle between two forces, the main problem