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  1. question and answer
  2. conflict
  3. personification
  4. resolution
  5. narrator
  1. a a comparison that gives human qualities to animals, objects, or ideas.
  2. b asking a series of questions followed by answers either given by the author or others.
  3. c the story comes to an interesting and satisfying conclusion, the story wraps up or comes to an end.
  4. d the person telling the story
  5. e a struggle between two forces, the main problem

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  1. encouraging readers to go along with everyone else
  2. presenting things in the order in which they happen.
  3. a message that the author is trying to get across.
  4. a guess that is based on facts.
  5. a series of events in a story.

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  1. fictiona made up story


  2. rising actionthe character feels the effects of the climax


  3. problem and solutionidentifying one or more problems and then describing one or more ways to solve each problem.


  4. first person point of viewthe narrator is not a character in the story


  5. main ideasuses the words like or as to compare two things.


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