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1. Once you have logged in to your Unison Marketplace account, search for a specific buy using the 'Start a New Search' feature or review buys on the 'Opportunities' page.
2. Click on the 6-digit buy number link to the left of each buy description.
3. After reviewing buy details, click the 'Start Bid' button. Please note that some buys may include bad specs (e.g., discontinued, end of life, wrong part number). If you are unable to deliver the line item as requested due to a bad spec, DO NOT BID, unless the buy terms instruct otherwise. Instead, notify us by clicking the Questions & Responses link at the top of the page to submit a question or comment.
4. Complete the Terms page of the bid process, which includes Bid Description, Seller Reference No., acknowledgement of compliance with Buyer's contract request and Buy Terms, and click the 'Continue' button.
5. Complete the Line Items page of the bid process, which contains all pricing, line item description responses, and Seller Attachments, and click the 'Continue' button. Use extreme care in this phase as you are committing to provide the specific item(s) at your stated price. All opportunities on the Unison Marketplace system are 'all or nothing' (unless otherwise stated within the solicitation), so you MUST bid all of the requested items; no partial bidding is allowed.
Review your bid information on the 'Review' and 'Submit' page and click the 'Submit Bid' button. The 'Review' and 'Submit' page is where the Seller is able to view their extended price, the Unison Marketplace fee and the Unison Marketplace price (bid amount plus Unison Marketplace fee). Please note that the bid will not be received unless the 'Submit Bid' button is clicked.
6. View immediate bid status of 'LEAD' or 'LAG'. (LEAD means that a bid is in the lead position at a specific moment in time during the buy process; LAG means that a bid is not in the lead position at a specific moment in time during the buy process and that it may be lagging to competitor bids and/or an Active Target Price.)