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a guiding course of action

public policy

the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem

planning commission

an advisory group to a community

short-term plan

a government policy being carried out over the next few years

long-term plan

a government plan for policy that can span 10 to 50 years


a communitys system of roads, bridges, water, and sewers


the goals a community considers most important or most urgent


the money, people, and materials available to accomplish a communitys goals

master plan

a plan that states a set of goals and explains how the government will carry them out to meet changing needs over time

charter school

a school that receives state funding, but is excused from meeting many public school regulations

tuition voucher

program providing subsidies for education payments, allowing families the option of sending students to private schools

community policing

local police force visibly keeping the peace and patrolling neighborhoods


the health, prosperity, and happiness of the members of a community


movement concerned with protecting environment

solid waste

the technical name for garbage


place where garbage is dumped


not in my backyard, attitude people have regarding placement of new landfill sites


poisonous or deadly


reusing old materials to make new ones


the careful preservation and protection of natural resources

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