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The medicaid program is funded by

federally mandated and state administered

The temporary assistanc to needy families(TANF) program provides

cash assistance on a limited time basis for children deprived of support

What is included in a couples combined recources accourding to the Spousal Impoverishment Protection legislation

summer home

when a patient has become retroactively eligible for Medicaid benifits, any payment made by the patient during the retroactive period must be

refunded to the patient by the practice

To recieve matching funds through Medicaid, states must offer what coverage

inpatient hospital services

Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosic, and Treatment(EPSDT) services are offered for which Medicaid enrolled population

individuals under age 21

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the elderly(PACE) work to limit out of pocket costs to benificiaries by

not applying deductibles, copayments, or other cost-sharing

what is subject to medicaid preauthorization guidelines

outpatient admission 48 hours prior to the day of surgery

which services are exempt from medicaid copayments

family planning services

a primary care provider in a medicaid care case management(PCCM) plan differs from an HMO primary care provider in that th Medicaid primary care provider is

not at risk for the cost of the care provided

An individual whose income is at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty level(FPL) and has recources at or below twice the standard allowed amount under the SSI program may recieve assistance from medicaid to pay for medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts as a

qualified medicare benificiary(QMB)

A medicaid voided claim

should not have been paid originally

one way federal government verifies reciept of Medicaid services by a patient is by use of

a monthly survey sent to a sample of medicaid recipients requesting verification

Medicaid reimbursement is expidited when the provider

enters an X in the Yes box in Block 27 to accept assignment

A Medicaid card issued for the "unborn child of..." is good for

services that promote the life and health of the unborn child

What is required in Block 32 if an X is entered in the Yes box of Block 20

name and address of the outside laboratory

How are diagnosis reference numbers reported in Block 24E of a Medicaid claim

Seperate each diagnosis pointer number with a comma

which is considered a valid entry in Block 24H of a Medicaid claim

The letter B, If the service was for both EPSDT and family planning

When a Medicaid patient has a third party payer coverage and a claim has been rejected, the rejection code is reported in which block of the Medicaid CMS-1500 claim

Block 11

When payment has been recieved by a primary payer, the payment amount is entered in which block of the medicaid CMS-1500 claim

Block 29

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