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  1. bacchanalian
  2. plutocratic
  3. philippic
  4. solon
  5. thespian
  1. a pertaining to drama or acting
  2. b bitter denunciation
  3. c having grest influence because of one's wealth
  4. d legislator; wise lawgiver
  5. e jovial or wild with drunkenness

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  1. jolly; merry; good-humored
  2. unreasoning, sudden fright that grips a multitude
  3. pertaining to war; warlike
  4. extremely variable
  5. using words sparingly; terse; concise

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  1. Adonisshield or protection; sponsorship


  2. titanicunreasoning, sudden fright that grips a multitude


  3. Lucullanvery difficult; requiring the strength of Hercules


  4. Elysiandark; infernal; gloomy


  5. chimericalFantastic; unreal; impossible; absurd