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  1. tough carbohydrate found in many fungi and in the exoskeleton of all arthropods.
  2. sac that forms on the surface of in which haploid spores are formed.
  3. mutualistic association between a fungus and a plant's roots, in which the fungus absorbs water and nutrients for the plant and the plant supplies food for the fungus.
  4. mass of hyphae forming the mass of a fungus.

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  1. zygosporangiumthick-walled sexual structures that characterizes members of the phylum Zygomycota.


  2. hyphaslender filament that is part of the body of a multicellular fungus.


  3. yeastcommon name given to unicellular ascomycetes.


  4. basidiumclub shaped sexual reproductive structure that forms on the gills of basidiumycetes.