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SS Midterm Study Guide: 13 colonies and political systems

absolute monarchy
a political system in which a ruler is determined by hereditary
a term describing a state of political and social disorder due to absence of gorvernmental control
a form of political organization in which states combine for certain purposes, retaining their individual sovereinty
constitutional monarchy
a systen in which a ruler is determined by hereditary, but their power is limited due to a constitution
term used to describe a system in which the people rule
a system in which one person rules with absolute power
enlightened despot
an absolute ruler who exercises his power for the benefit of the people
system characterized by right wing nationalists heirarchal structure opposed to democracy
system where government is run by a few people of power and typically do not represent the majority
political system
the set of formal legal institutions that constitute a "state" or "government"
pure democracy
a political system with power of the people instead of any representatives
a system in which power is vessed in representatives selected by means of popular competetive election
a political system in which the party rules with authority
a form of government that permits no individual freedom
colony: founded to gain religious freedom, wealth, and trade.
new hampshire
colony: founded by captain john mason and created to set up a fishing colony
new york
colony: origionally new netherland/new amsterdam. founded by dutch settlers
rhode island
colony: formed for religious freedom, separation of church and state.
colony: founded by people in search of freedom from massachusetts
new jersey
colony: formed by friends of duke of york. promised government and religious freedom.
colony: founded by william penn for freedom of religion and to protect quakers.
colony:origionally part of pennsylvania; goverened by them until the revolution
colony: founded by lord baltimore for a refuge for roman catholics.
colony: opportunity for wealth, convert natives to christianity
north and south carolina
colony: virginia colonists moved here (both colonies)
colony: founded by james oglethorpe as a new start for criminals and a barriar from spanish territory.