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Lawrence Kohlberg

A psychologist


Kohlberg studied the ____ in which humans went about making _____ _________


Kohlberg only used _____ in his studies


Kohlberg used __________ studies on males

The cognitive developement of humans

What was Kohlberg interested in?


What are KOHLBERG'S 3 levels of Moral decision making?

Physical conformity
social conformity
independent choice

What are the TEXTBOOK"S 3 levels of moral decision making?

Socioty/ values

What do the three levels of Kohlberg's moral decision making focus on?

1) Obediance/ punishment
2) Personal Interest
3) Good Person
4) Law and Order, Duty and Honor, Social Maintenance
5) Social Awareness
6) Universal-ethical-principle

What are Kohlbergs six stages of Moral decision making?


What age is stage 1?

"I'll do it if i can get away with it."

What is the phrase that is used for stage 1?


What age is stage 2?

"You scratch my back, I scratch your back"

What is the phrase for stage 2?


What do stages 1 and 2 focus on?


What age is stage 3?

Ill do it to please a significant other

What is the phrase for stage 3?

Adolescence and most adults

What age is for stage 4?

I will accept the law and abide by them

What is the phrase for stage 4?


What do stages 3 and 4 focus on?

life experiances

Only __% of adults will reach stages 5 and 6 because of _________

I want change within the system

What is the phrase for stage 5?

I want change and i am willing to go outside the system and accept consequences

What is the phrase for stage 6?

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