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  1. monastic life
  2. Direct experience, beyond logic and thinking
  3. jnana marga
  4. Lakota
  5. Vajrayana
  1. a "Sioux"--remembered for having led tribes to defeat Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn
  2. b path of knowledge, true nature of reality through meditation
  3. c the vehicle of the diamond; Tibet; emphasizes the harnessing of sensual energies to attain nirvana
  4. d move the disciple closer to enlightenment, simple, meditating and praying
  5. e of truth, which is beyond the reach of thoughts and feelings about truth, and beyond the words are used to express thoughts and feelings

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  1. creator god worshiped at Teotihuacan and by the Toltecs; believed by the Aztecs to have presided over a golden age.
  2. heart to sun
    head to sky
    willingness to temple's stairs allowing to enter heaven
    carried out a lot
  3. Confucius; student, public official; wanderer; died 479 BC
  4. questions your soul and whether you are good or evil and involves suffering
  5. a periodic meeting with the master during which the disciple offers an answer to an assigned koan

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  1. dhamrapleasure, especially of sensual love; one of goals of life


  2. nirvanathe positive, active, masculine, heavenly component of the universe


  3. mythicsacred stories passed from generation to generation


  4. the middle waythe mythic time of Australian Aboriginal Religion when ancestors inhabited the earth


  5. reincarnationthrowing bones or shells then interpreting the pattern in which they fall, for gaining knowledge about an individual's future or about the cause of a personal problem


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