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  1. jen
  2. mantras
  3. Upanishads
  4. analects
  5. Umma
  1. a phrases and syllables chanted to evoke a deity or to enhance meditation
  2. b community that transcends race ethnicity and language barriers
  3. c the collected sayings of Confucius
  4. d a collection of text composed between 900 and 200 BC that provided philosophical commentary on the Vedas
  5. e love; goodness; the supreme human virtue, doing one's best to treat others right

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  1. "Sioux"--remembered for having led tribes to defeat Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn
  2. sacred stories passed from generation to generation
  3. most popular sacred text
  4. right views, right intentions, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood; right effort; right mindfulness; right meditations
  5. questions your soul and whether you are good or evil and involves suffering

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  1. DhyanaThe great Vehicle; largest tree of buddhism; variety of forms, including those that emphasize devotion and prayer to the gods


  2. Shaykhassemblage; the Buddhist community of monks and nuns; one of the three jewels


  3. the four passing /sightsold age, sickness/disease, death, man searching for salvation


  4. rinzaithe school of sudden awakening, brought to japan in twelfth century AD


  5. five pillarsconfession of faith; prayer; fasting; wealth sharing; pilgrimage