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  1. mandals
  2. rinzai
  3. reincarnation
  4. Quetzalcoatl
  5. ritual
  1. a samsara--wheel of rebirth
  2. b patterned icons that visually excite (vajrayana) enhance meditation
  3. c formal worship practice, often based on the reenactment of a myth
  4. d the school of sudden awakening, brought to japan in twelfth century AD
  5. e creator god worshiped at Teotihuacan and by the Toltecs; believed by the Aztecs to have presided over a golden age.

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  1. to live is to suffer; suffering is caused by desire; the cessation of suffering can be achieved; the solution is the noble eightfold path
  2. supernatural beings who emerged and roamed the earth during the time of the Dreaming, giving shape to the landscape and forms of life.
  3. a type of supernatural being who tends to disrupt the normal course of life
  4. liberation or release of individual self (atman); salvation; four goals
  5. common belief or creed of a religion

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  1. Ummajnana marga approach seeking to free the eternal self from teh bondage of personhood


  2. arthaone of goals of life; material success and social prestige


  3. caste system (order and define)brahmin-priests
    kshatriya-warriors and administrators
    vaishya- farmers merchants artisans
    shudra-servants and laborers


  4. the Sun Dancecelebrates the new year and prepares the tribe for the annual buffalo hunt; performed in the late spring in a constructed lodge dancing and facing sun until it hurts


  5. Kamapleasure, especially of sensual love; one of goals of life