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  1. Upanishads
  2. Shaykh
  3. jen
  4. fruits of zen
  5. ancestors
  1. a healthy, vigorous mind, here and now, practical and attentive to this world
  2. b supernatural beings who emerged and roamed the earth during the time of the Dreaming, giving shape to the landscape and forms of life.
  3. c a collection of text composed between 900 and 200 BC that provided philosophical commentary on the Vedas
  4. d a teacher and master in Islam
  5. e love; goodness; the supreme human virtue, doing one's best to treat others right

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  1. a type of supernatural being who tends to disrupt the normal course of life
  2. ethical duty based on the divine order of reality; one of the four goals of life
  3. the cultural arts, skills of behavior as being of moral benefit and as befitting the mature person
  4. community that transcends race ethnicity and language barriers
  5. frustration; discomfort; suffering is part of the human condition

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  1. five pillarsthe Yoruba deities who are the main objects of ritual attention, including Orish-nla, the creater god; Ogun, the god of iron and of war; and Esu, the trickster figure


  2. experientialformal worship practice, often based on the reenactment of a myth


  3. Rig Vedaformal worship practice, often based on the reenactment of a myth


  4. Lakota"thirst, craving , desire" a noble truth selfish desire which causes dukkha


  5. karmathe moral law of cause and effect of actions; determines one's reincarnation