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  1. ancestors
  2. analects
  3. Mahayana
  4. Atman
  5. mantras
  1. a eternal self or soul of an individual that is reincarnated from one body to the next
  2. b the collected sayings of Confucius
  3. c supernatural beings who emerged and roamed the earth during the time of the Dreaming, giving shape to the landscape and forms of life.
  4. d The great Vehicle; largest tree of buddhism; variety of forms, including those that emphasize devotion and prayer to the gods
  5. e phrases and syllables chanted to evoke a deity or to enhance meditation

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  1. right views, right intentions, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood; right effort; right mindfulness; right meditations
  2. community that transcends race ethnicity and language barriers
  3. experiential, mythic, doctrinal, ethical, ritual, social, material
  4. the mythic time of Australian Aboriginal Religion when ancestors inhabited the earth
  5. love; goodness; the supreme human virtue, doing one's best to treat others right

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  1. wenseated meditation; the basic method traditionally practiced while seated in the lotus position in a meditation hall


  2. ch'anexperience of enlightenment;


  3. the four passing /sightsold age, sickness/disease, death, man searching for salvation


  4. The life of Guatamafounder of Buddhism, warrior class; when born, told that he was enlightened and would become a savior; luxury; prince


  5. Wakan Tanka"most sacred" Lakota name for supreme reality, often referring to collectively the sixteen separate deities.