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  1. Mahayana
  2. five precepts
  3. caste system (order and define)
  4. mantras
  5. caliphs
  1. a phrases and syllables chanted to evoke a deity or to enhance meditation
  2. b brahmin-priests
    kshatriya-warriors and administrators
    vaishya- farmers merchants artisans
    shudra-servants and laborers
  3. c The great Vehicle; largest tree of buddhism; variety of forms, including those that emphasize devotion and prayer to the gods
  4. d do not take life; do not take what is not given; do not engage in sensuous misconduct; do not use false speech; do not drink intoxicants
  5. e the military and political leaders of Muslims

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  1. one of goals of life; material success and social prestige
  2. trancelike state loss of consciousness ultimate reality
  3. the negative, passive, feminine, earthy component of the universe
  4. questions your soul and whether you are good or evil and involves suffering
  5. "the way of the elders" focuses on the earliest texts and emphasizes monastic lifestyle

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  1. rinzaithe school of sudden awakening, brought to japan in twelfth century AD


  2. nirvanaincarnation of a deity, commonly of Vishnu who is sent to earth to accomplish a divine purpose


  3. dharmaethical duty based on the divine order of reality; one of the four goals of life


  4. aniccadenying a permanent self


  5. analectsdenying a permanent self