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  1. jnana marga
  2. Muhammad's life
  3. Mahayana
  4. Stages of Life
  5. enlightenment of Guatama
  1. a born 570 AD died 632 AD; married his wife Khadija after being orphaned; was enlightened by Gabriel through a vision; was moved out of Mecca to Yathrib and moved back to Mecca to die
  2. b student
    householder-career and family
    forest dweller(sannyasin)- wandering ascetic
  3. c path of knowledge, true nature of reality through meditation
  4. d The great Vehicle; largest tree of buddhism; variety of forms, including those that emphasize devotion and prayer to the gods
  5. e god of death, Mara, attempted to scare him but Buddha would not budge from his meditation; ascended through watches

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  1. meditation
  2. belief that divine reality exists in everything
  3. a teacher and master in Islam
  4. move the disciple closer to enlightenment, simple, meditating and praying
  5. pleasure, especially of sensual love; one of goals of life

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  1. human conditionsamsara--wheel of rebirth


  2. karma margapath of knowledge, true nature of reality through meditation


  3. yogacommunity that transcends race ethnicity and language barriers


  4. zazenthe cultural arts, skills of behavior as being of moral benefit and as befitting the mature person


  5. Sufismmystical approach to Allah who is experienced inwardly