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  1. mythic
  2. enlightenment of Guatama
  3. human condition
  4. karma marga
  5. ancestors
  1. a sacred stories passed from generation to generation
  2. b supernatural beings who emerged and roamed the earth during the time of the Dreaming, giving shape to the landscape and forms of life.
  3. c path of works, performing right actions according to dharma
  4. d questions your soul and whether you are good or evil and involves suffering
  5. e god of death, Mara, attempted to scare him but Buddha would not budge from his meditation; ascended through watches

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  1. non action; the supreme taoist virtue; to be so perfectly in harmony with nature that nature's energy infuses and empowers the indivdual
  2. experiential, mythic, doctrinal, ethical, ritual, social, material
  3. choreographed hand movements used in rituals
  4. celebrates the new year and prepares the tribe for the annual buffalo hunt; performed in the late spring in a constructed lodge dancing and facing sun until it hurts
  5. path of devotion; popular; loving devotion of one's chosen god or goddess

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  1. Jihadstruggle; spiritually and socially


  2. dharmacommunity that transcends race ethnicity and language barriers


  3. Brahmaneternal self or soul of an individual that is reincarnated from one body to the next


  4. the middle wayteaching that rejects both the pleasures of sensual indulgence and the self-denial of asceticism, focusing instead on a practical approach to spiritual attainment


  5. trickster figurea type of supernatural being who tends to disrupt the normal course of life