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  1. three marks of existence
  2. fruits of zen
  3. Mahayana
  4. anatta
  5. Atman
  1. a healthy, vigorous mind, here and now, practical and attentive to this world
  2. b characteristics that summarize the changing nature of reality: anatta, anicca, dukkha
  3. c eternal self or soul of an individual that is reincarnated from one body to the next
  4. d denying a permanent self
  5. e The great Vehicle; largest tree of buddhism; variety of forms, including those that emphasize devotion and prayer to the gods

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  1. old age, sickness/disease, death, man searching for salvation
  2. a periodic meeting with the master during which the disciple offers an answer to an assigned koan
  3. "blowing out" the ultimate goal ; the extinction of desire and any sense of individual selfhood, resulting in liberation from samsara and its limiting conditions
  4. pilgrimage to Mecca
  5. mystical approach to Allah who is experienced inwardly

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  1. taboo"thirst, craving , desire" a noble truth selfish desire which causes dukkha


  2. ritualone of goals of life; material success and social prestige


  3. passive resistancecelebrates the new year and prepares the tribe for the annual buffalo hunt; performed in the late spring in a constructed lodge dancing and facing sun until it hurts


  4. Stages of Lifetribes among the plains of North America


  5. Jihadjnana marga approach seeking to free the eternal self from teh bondage of personhood


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