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  1. five pillars
  2. Wakan Tanka
  3. Vajrayana
  4. anicca
  5. te
  1. a "most sacred" Lakota name for supreme reality, often referring to collectively the sixteen separate deities.
  2. b the vehicle of the diamond; Tibet; emphasizes the harnessing of sensual energies to attain nirvana
  3. c virtue as shown through the power of example, an attribute of the mature person
  4. d confession of faith; prayer; fasting; wealth sharing; pilgrimage
  5. e things are constantly changing

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  1. seeking spiritual power through an encounter with a guardian spirit usually in the form a of an animal or natural entity, following a period of fasting
  2. most popular sacred text
  3. right views, right intentions, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood; right effort; right mindfulness; right meditations
  4. the school of gradual awakening, brought in thirteenth century AD
  5. throwing bones or shells then interpreting the pattern in which they fall, for gaining knowledge about an individual's future or about the cause of a personal problem

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  1. trickster figuremove the disciple closer to enlightenment, simple, meditating and praying


  2. monastic lifehuman construction induced with worship and sacredness


  3. doctrinalthe school of sudden awakening, brought to japan in twelfth century AD


  4. human conditionsamsara--wheel of rebirth


  5. karma margapath of devotion; popular; loving devotion of one's chosen god or goddess