Lesson 18

15 terms by ssedsgrade5

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adj. alive or seeming to be alive; full of energy; lively


v. to be disloyal to; to show; to reveal.


v. to make someone feel sure or certain; to persuade


v. to slope or pass to a lower level; to refuse to accept; to become less or weaker


adj. very funny


n. the state of being similar; somthing that is similar


adj. Poor in quality or insufficient in amount


n. harm or damage; behavior that causes harm or trouble; playfulness; harmless amusement


v. To arrange by talking over; to travel successfully along or over


adj. no longer sold or in wide use because out-of -date


v. to hold onto; to keep possession of; to hire the services of


n. a feeling that comes from stimulation of senses; a feeling of great interest or excitement or the cause of such a feeling


adj. dark; gloomy; sad; serious.


adj. coming later; following.


v. to promise seriously; n. a pledge; a promise.

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