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Module 9 test

The Immutability of Species
the idea that each individual species on the planet was specially created by God and could never fundamentally change.
the theory that natural selection can, over time, take an organism and transform it into a more specialized species of that organism.
the hypothesis that process similar to those at work in microevolution.
distinct layers of rock.
preserved remains of once-living organisms.
Structural Homology
the study of similar structures in different species.
What ship did Darwin travel on while working on his research?
HMS Beagle
Name 2 ideas from other scientists that influenced Darwin in his work.
1) All individuals within a population struggle against other individuals to obtain what is necessary. 2) Over eons of time, the world will produce all of the geological features.
Of the 4 basic data sets discussed in this module, which ones provide conclusive evidence for macroevolution?
Of the 4 basic data sets discussed in this module, which ones provide conclusive evidence against macroevolution?
Structural Homology, the fossil record, and molecular biology.
Some creationists say that all of the ideas from Darwin's book, The Origin of Species, are wrong. why is this not true?
Darwin proposed the theory of microevolution in that book. It is a well-documented scientific theory today.
How does the neo-Darwinist hypothesis differ from the hypothesis of Darwin?
Neo-Darwinism uses mutations to add information to the genetic code.
What problem with both Darwin's original hypothesis and neo-Darwinism does punctuated equilibrium attempt to solve?
Punctuated equilibrium attempts to explain why there are intermediate links in the fossil record.
Bacteria can sometimes become immune to the effects of the antibiotic. Is mutation the only way this could happen?
No. Conjugation and transformation are.
Fill in the blanks: The fact that representatives of all major phyla can be found in some of the lowest sedimentary rock in the geological column is often referred to as the _____________ ____________.
Cambriam Explosion