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physical states

the three states held by matter: solid, liquid, gas

solid state

matter has a fixed shape and a fixed volume

liquid state

matter has a variable shape, but fixed volume

gaseous state

matter has a variable shape and volume, but compression is significant


solid to gas


solid to liquid


liquid to gas


gas to liquid


liquid to solid


gas to solid

heterogeneous mixture

can be separated into pure substances by physical methods, properties are indefinite and vary

homogeneous mixture

properties are definite constant for a given sample


a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals


matter that has definite composition and constant properties


predictable properties, but can be broken down into elements by ordinary chemical reactions


a substance that cannot be broke down further by a chemical reaction

chemical symbol

the abbreviated name of each element used to identify the element on the periodic table


individual particles that make up an element

semimetal (or metalloid)

an element that typically has properties midway between those of metals and nonmetals


an element that typically is a solid, has bright metallic luster, high density, high melting point, and good conductor of heat and electricity


property of metal meaning it can be hammered into a thin sheet of foil


if the metal can be drawn into a fine wire


an element that usually has low density, low melting point, and poor conductor of heat and electrity

atomic number

the number that identifies a particular element

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