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  1. natural selection
  2. monism
  3. psychology
  4. stimuli
  5. mind-body relations
  1. a the principle that, among the range of inherited trait variations, those contributing to reproduction and survival will most likely be passed on to succeeding generations
  2. b mind and body are the same
  3. c relationship with the mind and body (brain)
  4. d the science of behavior and mental processes
  5. e some clear, others less clear

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  1. emphasised observation
  2. a branch of psychology that studies, assesses, and treats people with psychological disorders
  3. established first psychology lab and used introspection
  4. the longstanding controversy over the relative contributions that genes and experience make to the defelopment of psychological traits and behaviors. Today's science sees traits and behaviors arising from the interaction of nature and nurture
  5. psychological perspective that emphasises features of the environment; stimuli, responses, and consequences

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  1. william jamesfunctionalist, wrote first psychology textbook, was also interested in environment (behavioral/learning)


  2. structuralisman early school of pschology that used introspection to explore the structural elements of the human mind, focused on what shapes lead to things


  3. descartesmind and body are separate


  4. neurobiological perspectivepsychological perspective that focuses on the effects of biological factors on behavior-brain, genetic factors, drugs


  5. functionalismmind and body are separate