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AP Huge Review

What is a map that depicts the size of the country according to population or any variable rather than to depicting land area?
Traditionally, the Ganges Valley and Nile River have had comparatively high population densities because of their?
Tropical Warm Climate
Less developed countries generally have a higher agricultural density because there is?
A large number are subsistence farmers
What is the spread of an idea or innovation from its source?
Cultural Diffusion
Even though total fertility rates decrease in LDC, why has the total population increased?
A high percentage of the population over the age of 15
Physiological density differs from population density in that physiological density?
Identifies carrying capacity while population density illustrates overpopulation
As the doubling time of a country increases?
The NIR decrease
Societies with large rates of immigration will typically have?
More males than females
Population pyramids are visual pictures that ell much about the population: What can geographers not predict with these?
Refugees migrate primarily because of this type of push factor?
Boserup Theory
Population growth stimulates intensification in agricultural development- opposite of Malthus theory.
What is Zero Population Growth best measured at?
Total Fertility Rate
Wooden shoes are a characteristics of the Dutch culture are an example of
How is cultural landscape viewed by Carl Sauer
Through types of art, music, dance and theater practiced by a particular region
Fol songs are distinguished from popular songs because they?
Tell a story about daily activities
This housing type encouraged urban sprawl Post WWII
What is not a major Hearth for U.S. country music?
Southwest Texas
This isn't true concerning popular culture
Space-Time Compression
Vidal de la Blache
french geographer; regions were primary focus of geographical inquiry; formed basis of areal differentiation; rich descriptions of intimate and varied relationship of culture, physical landscape, and region
This is not an important source for U.S. housing
New England
Not a form of expansion diffusion
Food taboos usually derive from unique elements of the physical environment (true or false)
Crops grown in the mixed crop and livestock region are used to primarly feed animals (True or False)
Do Alaska and Pennsylvania share the same % of production dealing with hog and pig agriculture
The cultivation of plants by cutting stems and dividing roots is
seed agriculture
Commercial Agriculture is distinguished from subsistence agriculture by all but which of the following
Output consumed on the farm
What is the most common form of commercial agriculture in Europe?
Mixed crop and livestock farming
Shifting cultivation is most commonly found in which climate region?
Humid Low-Latitude
According to the Von Thunen model, market oriented gardens and milk producers were located in the first ring for all but which of the following reasons?
Quality of soil
The farther a dairy farm is from a large urban area the lower the % of output devoted to fresh milk. This occurs primarily b/c...
Processed milk is less perishable
The primary factor in Von Thunen's model for choosing commercial farm products is
Market Location
The most important distinction for dividing the world into agricultural regions is
Whether the crop is produced on or off the farm
Not a functional region
an area dominated by a particular crop
A group of languages that share a common ancestor before recorded history is a
Language Family
English is part of which language group
West Germanic
The most important language family in Sub-Saharan Africa
The large number of individual language documented in Africa has resulted primarily from
Intro of many different languages by the colonial powers
What is concentration
Spread of something over a given area
Is high concentration clustered
According to Environmental Determinism
Physical environment causes social development
The spread of a new fashion, first in large cities and later to smaller towns is an example of contagious diffusion (True or False)