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The French and Indian War happened

BEFORE the Revolutionary War, from 1754 to 1763

The French and Indian War was fought between

the British and the French in North America, over control of the Ohio Valley

The French and Indian War was won by

the British, who went deeply into debt as a result

The colonists believed they had paid their debt in the French and Indian War because

their militia fought, and they used their own supplies

The Stamp Act (1765) taxed colonists on

playing cards, calendars, legal documents, licenses, and newspapers

The Stamp Act was repealed in


The Townshend Act (1767) taxed colonists on

tea, paper, glass and paint

The Townshend Act was partially repealed in


The part of the Townshend Act that was not repealed was

Tea Tax

The Stamp Act and the Townshend Act both resulted in


The Boston Tea Party occurred in


What happened during the Boston Tea Party was

colonists dressed as Native Americans boarded a British ship and dumped 300 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor

As a result of the Boston Tea Party

the KIng punished the colonists by blockading their harbor, and issued other Intolerable Acts

Parliament thought the colonists should be governed by

Parliament (England)

The colonists thought they should be governed by

their local assemblies (themselves)

The motto of the colonists about taxes was

"No Taxation Without Representation"

George Washington

Commander in Chief of the Continental Army; provided military leadership

Thomas Jefferson

Chief writer of the Declaration of Independence; provided political leadership

Henry "Light-Horse" Harry Lee

talented and brave cavalry leader for the Continental Army

James Armistead Lafayette

Slave who earned his freedom by spying on the British for the Continental Army

Patrick Henry

Virginia patriot who spoke out against taxation without representation, saying, "Give me liberty or give me death"

Jack Jouett

rode on horseback to Charlottesville, to warn Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him and the other members of the Virginia General Assembly

George Rogers Clark

helped drive the British out of the western frontier

Daniel Morgan

famous sharpshooter who led Virginia sharpshooters into many battles

George Mason

Writer of the Virginia declaration of rights

American Indians fought for which side?

There were some on both sides

1000 African-Americans fought for the

British during the Revolutionary War

5000 African-Americans fought for the

Americans during the Revolutionary War

Some enslaved African-Americans fought in the Revolutionary War because

they were promised freedom

Contributions of women during the Revolutionary War include

care of sick and injured soldiers, cooking and cleaning for soldiers, fundraisers for the army, actual fighting, making ammunition, making socks and shirts for soldiers, taking care of farms and livestock


A person who supported the colonists during the American Revolution. Many fought in the Continental Army.


A person who supported the British during the American Revolution


Virginians who did not support either side in the war


to refuse to buy certain goods; method often used in protest movements


the governing body in Great Britain


Freedom from being controlled by another government.


civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army


commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country


commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country


the shutting of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out

The First Continental Congress

wrote a letter to King George demanding that he repeal the Intolerable Acts (1774, after the Boston Tea Party)

The Second Continental Congress

formed the Continental Army and named George Washington commander in chief

The Battle of Great Bridge was fought in


The Battle of Great Bridge was the first

land battle of the American Revolution fought in Virginia

The Battle of Great Bridge was won

by the colonists

The Battle of Great Bridge forced

the British colonial governor to flee from the city of Norfolk

Virginia's Capital was moved to Richmond in


The Battle of Yorktown took place in


The Battle of Yorktown was

the last major battle of the Revolutionary War, won by the Continental Army

At the end of the Battle of Yorktown

the British army under General Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington

The first major victory for the colonists was

the Battle of Saratoga

The Revolutionary War was won by

the colonists, allowing the colonies to break away from English rule

The Declaration of Independence

declared that the colonists were free from England

The Declaration of Independence declared that everyone has the right to

life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

The Declaration of Independence says that the authority to govern does not belong to kings, but to

the people being governed

The Declaration of Independence says that all people are created


The Virginia Declaration

declared that all VIrginians are born with certain rights including Freedom of Speech

The Virginia Declaration was the basis of

the Bill of Rights

The Revolutionary War ended in


The Revolutionary War ended when

the United States, Britain, France and Spain signed the Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris

gave the United States control of the frontier region from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River, and declared that the United States was a free and independent country

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