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What are the three parts of the brain stem?

1) Medulla Oblongata (From caudal to cranial/rostral)
2) Pons
3) Midbrain

Which nerve originates in the midbrain?

IV Trochlear

The dorsal midbrain is made of two parts (both are paired) what are they?

1) Rostral Colliculus
2) Caudal Colliculus
(and the Trochlear nerve)

The major portion of the dorsal pons is what?

The Cerebellar Peduncles (If they are cut the cerebellum is unattached)

If ____ are cut the cerebellum can be removed.

Cerebellar Peduncles (Part of the Pons)

Which cranial nerve originates in the medulla oblongata?

VIII Vestibulocochlear n.

What are the two parts that make up the dorsal medulla oblongata?

Cochlear Nuclei
Vestibular Nuclei
(Origin of the Vestibulocochlear n.)

On the ventral view what is the name of the midbrain portion between cranial nerves III and IV?

Crus Cerebri

What are the two nerves that originate in the midbrain?

III Oculomotor
IV Trochlear

What is the only cranial nerve to originate in the Pons?

V Trigeminal

Looking ventrally what are the two portions of the medulla oblongata?

Trapezoid Body (auditory)

What is the name of the "canal" that goes through the midbrain?

The cerebral aqueduct or the mesencephalic aqueduct

How many cranial nerves originate in the brain stem?


Which cranial nerves originate in the medulla oblongata?


T/F Cranial nucleus' are either motor or sensory NOT both


There is one nuclei on the brain that gives off 3 nerves (IX X & XI) and does not have a normal naming scheme. What is this nuclei called?

Nucleus Ambiguus (innervates laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles)

STOP at hypoglossal nerve


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