Pre-Test 1

foster tolerance
Political scientists argue that higher levels of political knowledge _______.
18 to 25 years old
The age group with the lowest voter turnout rate is ____.
all of the above
Despite their differences, all governments (maintain a national defense, and provide public services.)
on average, one out of every three dollars earned by american citizens is used to pay taxes
Which of the following statements about taxes is true?
policy agenda
The _____ describes those issues that attract serious attention from public officials and policymakers.
all of the above
Which of the following is an example of public policy? A) An agency deciding that polar bears are not protected by the Endangered Species Act. B) Congress passing the Endangered Species Act. C) A Supreme Court ruling overturning the Endangered Species Act.
whether or not the government should respond at all
A key question that confronts government regarding different public policy choices is ____.
A means of selecting policymakers and organizing government so that policy represents and responds to the public's preferences is ____.
government control of information
he basic principles of traditional democratic theory include all of the following EXCEPT:
A system in which many groups make themselves heard and felt somewhere in the policy process is ____________________.
one percent of the population
Over a third of America's wealth is owned by ____________________.
all of the above
Escalating campaign costs pose a challenge to contemporary American democracy because ____________________.
it contributes to policy gridlock
The diversity of the American people is reflected in a great diversity of interests, which may pose a challenge to democracy to the extent that ____________________.
The belief that people can and should get ahead on their own is known as ____________________.
the people
Populism emphasizes ____________________.
social security
The largest item in the United States government budget, consuming more than one-fifth of the federal budget is:
Those who participate in the political process are more likely to benefit from government programs and politics.
All governments protect national sovereignty, frequently by maintaining a national defense and armed forces.
The closer the correspondence between representatives and their electoral majority, the closer the approximation of democracy.
Americans are united by a shared religion and ancestry.