Epithelial Tissue

Simple Squamous
found in the lungs, lining of heart and blood vessels, kidney, and external covering around the organs; function: it's thin so it allows for easy diffusion and filtration. Also reduces friction.
Simple Cuboidal
found in the ducts, kidney tubules, glands; function: secretion and absorption
Simple Columnar
found in the digestive system and larger ducts; function: secretion and absorption
Pseudostratified Columnar
found in the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchi, and portions of the male reproductive tract; function: protection and secretion
Stratified Squamous
surface of skin; found in the lining of mouth, throat, esophagus, rectum, anus and vagina; function: provides physical protection against abrasion, pahtogens, and chemical attack.
Stratified Cuboidal
found in the lining of some ducts (rare); function: protection, secretion and absorption
Stratified Columnar
found in small areas of the pharynx, epiglottis, anus, mammary gland, salivary ducts and urethra; funtion: protection
found in the urinary bladder, renal pelvis and ureters; function: permits expansion and recoil after stretching.

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