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  1. Novels
  2. Monologue
  3. Props
  4. Legend
  5. Fables
  1. a Small portable items that the actors use to make their actions look realistic, such as plates on the set of a kitchen.
  2. b Stories based on fact that become less true with each retelling
  3. c A long, uninterrupted speech that is spoken by a single character
  4. d Longer works of Fiction that contain the same elements as short stories (characters, plot, conflict, and setting)
  5. e Brief stories that often feature animals that act like humans

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  1. A theme that can be seen in stories in many different cultures and throughout many different time periods
  2. Long narrative poems about larger-than-life heroes who engage in dangerous journeys
  3. Scripts for films
  4. The perspective of a character in the story
  5. A message about life that a story conveys to its reader

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  1. MythsTales that explain the actions of gods, goddesses, and the heroes who interact with them


  2. To EntertainBiographies, autobiographies and travel narratives are often written for the enjoyment of the audience


  3. Actsthe units of the action in a drama


  4. Historical FictionLiterature that draws, in part, on real people and events to tell real invented stories.


  5. DramaExpressions such as"It's raining cats and dogs!" that develop in a language, region, community, or class of people that cannot be understood literally