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  1. Characters
  2. Scenes
  3. Conflict
  4. Legend
  5. Hyperbole
  1. a A problem in the story
  2. b The people or animals in the story's action
  3. c Acts divided into parts
  4. d Stories based on fact that become less true with each retelling
  5. e Exaggeration or overstatement, either for comic effect either for comic effect or to express heightened emotion

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  1. A collection of myths
  2. A theme that can be seen in stories in many different cultures and throughout many different time periods
  3. Scripts for films
  4. The overall feeling that the work evokes in the reader
  5. Qualities that can affect his or her thoughts, decisions, and actions

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  1. TeleplaysWorks of fiction that are shorter than novels, but longer than short stories


  2. ThemeA message about life that a story conveys to its reader


  3. To InformArticles, reference books, historical essays, and research papers present facts and information


  4. FablesActs divided into parts


  5. Tall TalesBrief stories that often feature animals that act like humans