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  1. Heroes and Heroines
  2. Characters
  3. Hyperbole
  4. Radio plays
  5. Characterization
  1. a The people or animals in the story's action
  2. b Exaggeration or overstatement, either for comic effect either for comic effect or to express heightened emotion
  3. c Written to be performed as radio broadcasts
  4. d The playwright's technique of creating believable characters
  5. e Larger than life figures whose virtues and deeds are often celebrated in stories from the oral tradition

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  1. The name of given to the author of a play
  2. A collection of myths
  3. Works of fiction that are shorter than novels, but longer than short stories
  4. Type of folk tales that often involve a hero that performs impossible feats.
  5. Longer works of Fiction that contain the same elements as short stories (characters, plot, conflict, and setting)

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  1. PropsThe sequence of events that takes you through a story


  2. Historical FictionLiterature that draws, in part, on real people and events to tell real invented stories.


  3. PlotThe overall feeling that the work evokes in the reader


  4. MythsTales that explain the actions of gods, goddesses, and the heroes who interact with them


  5. Oral TraditionStories usually told at festivals and around campfires, rather than in shared print.