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english beowulf characters

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killed by his brother Cain
the right hand man of Hrothgar killed by Grendel's mother; led to Beowulf''s quest for their lair
the son of Shield Sheafson and the father of Halfdane
he is a geat and his father is Ecgtheow. hero of the story. went to help hrothgar
Beowulf's childhood friend, whom he defeated in a swimming match. Unferth alludes to the story of their contest, and Beowulf then relates it in detail.
dazzle the duel
sword given to hengest and was used to kill finn
killed by Onela, son of Ohthere, brother of Eadgils,
He is Beowulf's father. He is a Waegmunding by birth and a Geat by marriage. When he was younger, Hrothgar helped him settle a feud with the Wylfingas.
geat, brother of wulf, married to hygelac's unnamed daughter, killed ongentheow to avenge his brother's death
king of frisian killed by hengest
She is the daughter of Hrothgar who is unmentioned until Beowulf tells about her. Beowulf believes that her marriage to a Heathobard prince will do more harm than good for the Danes.
A demon descended from Cain, Grendel preys on Hrothgar's warriors in the king's mead-hall, Heorot. Because his ruthless and miserable existence is part of the retribution exacted by God for Cain's murder of Abel, Grendel fits solidly within the ethos of vengeance that governs the world of the poem.
grendels mother
unnamed swamp hag, terrorizes Herot, killed by Beowulf, A demon even more monstrous than Grendel, seeks revenge on Hrothgar's men for the death of her son. Beowulf journeys to her magical, creature-filled lair beneath the swamp in order to defeat her.
The father of Hrothgar, Heorogar, Halga, and an unnamed daughter who married a king of the Swedes, Halfdane succeeded Beow as ruler of the Danes.
went to herot with beowulf. ended up being the first one eaten by grendel
king of the Geats; killed by Swedish king, Son of King Hrethel, brother of Hygelac and Herebeald, accidentally kills Herebeald
Killed by Onela, Son of Hygd. King of the Danes for a while, mother, Hygd, wanted Beowulf King over him.
name of the dane responsible for killing Finn using the dazzle the duel sword
This is the hall that Hrothgar builds in celebration of his reign. It is the site both of many happy festivals and many sorrowful funerals.
Geat prince; eldest son Hrethel; killed accidentally by Haethcyn
He was an ancient Danish king who went from being a good king to a ruthlessly evil king. Hrothgar uses him as an example of bad kingship for Beowulf.
King of the Geats, father of Hygelac, takes in Beowulf
He is the King of the Danes at the time of Grendel's assaults. He builds the hall Heorot as a tribute to his people and his reign.
Hrothgar's nephew, Hrothulf betrays and usurps his cousin, Hrethic, the rightful heir to the Danish throne. Hrothulf's treachery contrasts with Beowulf's loyalty to Hygelac in helping his son to the throne.
Unferth's sword, given to Beowulf, has no effect on Grendel's mother.
Hygelac's wife, the young, beautiful, and intelligent Queen of the Geats. Hygd is contrasted with Queen Modthryth.
This King of the Geats is also Beowulf's uncle. Upon hearing Beowulf's courageous exploits, he gives Beowulf nearly half his kingdom.
son of ongentheow, father of eadgils and eanmund,
Halfdane's son in law, Swedish King who killed Heardred during a raid on Geatland.
king of Swedes; father of Onela & Ohthere; killed Geat king (Haethcyn); killed by Eofor
sheild sheafson
strong, good king, died and was put on a funeral boat
He is an ancient Germanic hero whose story is recounted after the fight with Grendel. He was known as the famous dragon slayer.
A Danish warrior who is jealous of Beowulf, Unferth is unable or unwilling to fight Grendel, thus proving himself inferior to Beowulf.
Hrothgar's wife, the gracious Queen of the Danes
A young kinsman and retainer of Beowulf who helps him in the fight against the dragon while all of the other warriors run away. Wiglaf adheres to the heroic code better than Beowulf's other retainers, thereby proving himself a suitable successor to Beowulf.
He is one of Hrothgar's faithful thanes. As the watchman for the Danes, he is the first to greet Beowulf and his thanes to the land of the Danes. He also deems the Geat visitors as people worthy enough to meet with Hrothgar.